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Access Attendee List with Names to Send & Receive Pre Show Meeting Requests

Meeting Application

The attendee list you see is updated every day when registrations and cancellations occur. You can view the Attendee List and Send/Receive Invitations. For exhibitors, the system automatically reserves a private meeting room when the invited party ACCEPTS an invitation. All attendees have access to the attendee list and may contact fellow attendees through the portal.

YOUR MEETINGS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. You may send and receive messages to fellow attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. The email system resides on our site and generates messages within the portal and never reveals your email nor sends/receives messages to corporate accounts. Invitations expire if no response in 3 days – successful meeting makers send repeated messages! YOU MUST BE ASSERTIVE AND DILIGENT TO GET MEETINGS – KEEP SENDING THEM TO ALL TARGETS UNTIL SHOWTIME. The system is highly effective!