Sept 14-15, 2020
Ocean Place Resort
Long Branch, NJ

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Fareva, Booth Table 55 [ company website ]

FAREVA is France's largest CMO and ranks in the top five of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations in the world. The company has 40 production sites, over 12,5000 employees and generated over €1.6 billion in sales in 2018.

FAREVA's Drug Substance Manufacturing performs cGMP manufacturing of small molecule APIs from 1 kg to 250 MT. FAREVA API manufacturing has three locations (FAREVA - Excella in Germany, FAREVA – Valdepharm, FAREVA – La Vallée) supporting drug substance manufacturing for both clinical trials and commercial production. Fareva has a broad range of capacity with reactors ranging from 25 L to 10,000 L.. The company has niche technology for spray drying, aseptic crystallization, aseptic micronization, hormones, high pressure hydrogenation, and highly potent manufacturing and micronization. FAREVA is the first and only company in the world to receive SafeBridge Certification to handle both high potent drug substance and drug product at the same facility.

FAREVA's facilities are FDA inspected and the company has an excellent track record and experience with regulatory agencies worldwide.

FAREVA's Drug Product Manufacturing has 15 drug product manufacturing sites with the following capabilities : Tablets, Capsules, Gels, Liquids, Sprays/Aerosols, Suppositories, Powder Filling , Sterile Solutions/Suspensions, Blow Fill Seal, Creams/Ointments, Lyophilized Products, Cytotoxics, High Potent Pharmaceuticals and Packaging.

Farmhispania, Booth Table 76 [ company website ]

Farmhispania Group is a CDMO composed of two companies in Spain: Farmhispania (Barcelona) and Rolabo (Zaragoza). We provide PR&D/Custom manufacturing services of API/advanced intermediates and HPAPI's starting from Phase I clinical trials up to and including commercial supply. Our >60 scientists use the latest in technology and up to date DoE approach in a QbD framework. We provide our customers with a dedicated development and analytical team to support process/analytical development, TT and manufacture. Our core handling technologies include:

  • HPAPI Technical Centre (OEL <30 ng/m3)
  • HP Fermentation (OEL <0.1 ug/m3)
  • Hydrogenation (20 bar)
  • Cryogenics (-80 degrees C)
  • Large scale preparative HPLC (various scale up to 300 mm diameter high pressure and 600 mm diameter medium pressure)
  • Large scale medium pressure chromatography including IEC
  • Large scale freeze drying
  • Wet milling
  • Micronisation

FLAMMA, Booth Table 1 [ company website ]

LAMMA is a CDMO with Headquarters near Milan, Italy. As a fully integrated CDMO, we can leverage our 100% self-owned, self-managed facilities, in Italy, China and the USA to deliver a stable, reliable supply chain. 

We specialize in the cGMP manufacturing of:

  • APIs
  • NCEs
  • RSMs
  • Advanced intermediates (NCEs and generics).

We use our expertise in high value chiral materials (specifically amino acid related materials) to provide solutions to customers who not only have need for chiral materials but also clients who have other requirements with a various type of chemistries.

In addition, we also manufacture specialty compounds and advanced intermediates for the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, and we have a variety of niche generic products.

FLAMMA has four state of the art cGMP manufacturing facilities, each with its own R&D staff and labs.


  1. Flamma Chignolo has 120 m3 capacity
  2. Flamma Isso has 130 m3 capacity


  1. Flamma Honkai is located outside of Dalian, China with 200 m3 of capacity
  2. Flamma Honkai provides the security of constant Italian management & oversight. It is like having an Italian facility in China.


  1. Flamma USA is located in Malvern, PA outside of Philadelphia
  2. Flamma-delpia features a cGMP Pilot Plant, 6 standard cGMP kilo lab suites, 1 cGMP HPAPI kilo lab suite, 22 fume hoods, an analytical development lab as well as a QC lab, and additional space for future expansion for any necessary analytical, chemistry, and/or warehouse needs.

Flamma works on both early stage pre-clinical development of small molecules (multi-kilo) as well as large-scale commercial manufacturing (MT).