Dec 6-7, 2021
Parsippany, NJ Hilton

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Wilmington PharmaTech
Wilshire Technologies

Wilmington PharmaTech, Booth Table 101 [ company website ]

Wilmington PharmaTech is a full service CRO serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in five major areas including 1) cGMP synthesis, 2) Salt and Polymorph Studies (to discover a suitable salt and crystal form), 3) FTE Research (process or medicinal chemistry performed either in the US or China), 4) Analytical Services (e.g. method development, method validation, trace analysis), and 5) Bulk Intermediate Synthesis (kgs to tons). Wilmington PharmaTech currently has two locations in Newark, Delaware (Delaware Technology Park and Pencader Corporate Center) with process research labs, solid state chemistry lab, analytical lab, and cGMP kilo labs. The company is also expanding its non-GMP bulk intermediate production in China.

Wilshire Technologies, Booth Table 83 [ company website ]

Wilshire Technologies offers a diversified niche of value-focused products and services that include a range of high-quality synthetic and natural products selected to serve the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and specialty chemicals industry. Our production sites include non-cGMP as well as small-lot and commercial-scale cGMP, ancillary R&D/kilo-labs and state-of-the-art analytical facilities.