100% LIVE       Dec 6-7, 2021
Parsippany, NJ Hilton

Pharmaceutical Company Buyer Free Rate

Please send us an email to apply for the FREE rate until October 30, 2021 and $325 thereafter. The free rate is unavailable on site.

To apply for this rate please email info@chemoutsourcing.com (copies markalexay@chemoutsourcing.com) with your name, title, company, and one-two sentence note. Replies within 24 hours.

Not sure you qualify? Apply anyway. Lock in the free rate.

Not sure you can attend? "Tentative" is fine and you can cancel anytime, no problem. If you wish, you may request your name be kept off the attendee list.


The FREE rate is for "buyers", i.e. end users on the API supply chain from Emerging, Virtual, Biotech, and Large Pharmaceutical Companies, who source Raw Materials, RSM, Intermediates, and APIís.


CMC, API, Chemical Development, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Process Research, Process Development, Drug Substance, Small Molecule Outsourcing, Head/Director/Vice President of Chemistry, Small Molecule Supply Chain, Pre-Clinical Research, External Partnerships, Chemistry Supply Chain, API Sourcing, Chemistry Procurement, External Supply, Technical Operations Chemistry, Small Molecule Manufacturing, Chemistry Manufacturing, Drug Substance, Drug Product, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Development Sourcing, Materials Science, Process Engineering, External Procurement, Pharmaceutical Development, Global Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Medicinal Chemistry, Discovery Chemistry, Formulation, Analytic, QA, Drug Product, Finished/Final Dose, Process R&D, API Development, Innovator and Generic API's. This list is not exhaustive. But you get the idea.