Sept 14-15, 2020
Ocean Place Resort
Long Branch, NJ

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AARTI Industries
Almac Group
Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd.
CatSci Ltd
Chiral Quest
Chiral Technologies
Eurofins Alphora
J-Star Research
Johnson Matthey
Mercachem Syncom Group
Nanoform Finland Ltd
Olon/Olon Ricerca
Orion Contract Manufacturing
PMC Isochem
Procos SpA
Raffles PharmaTech
Sambi Pharma
Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions
Shiono Finesse, Ltd.
Syngene International
W.R. Grace
WeylChem InnoTec
Wilmington PharmaTech
Zach System
ZCL Chemicals

AARTI Industries, Booth Table 68 [ company website ]

Aarti Industries, Indian CMO with FDA-approved manufacturing site for APIs and Advance intermediates in India, We offer contract manufacturing services in dedicated anti-cancer block for phase-1 to final drug substance and offer custom manufacturing of advance intermediates for APIs and NCE development.

Aarti Industries pharma division founded in year 2000. Our headquarters is in mumbai and R&D centre 20km away from mumbai city.

Aarti has expertise in asymmetric hydrogenation, multi-step synthesis, implementation of enzymatic technology (green chemistry) and manufacturing of product in commercial flow reactor.

CMO infrastructure: 

WHO-GMP approved plant for APIs and Advance intermediates * (Total volume 34260 liters)

USFDA approved plant for Advance intermediates * (Total volume 317450 liters)

USFDA and EDQM approved plant for APIs* (Total volume 73220 liters)

  1. One dedicated Anti cancer Block
  2. One dedicated Cortico-Steroid Block
  3. Two multipurpose Blocks

Abzena, Booth Table 13

Abzena is a global integrated solution and proprietary technologies company to enable the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products.

  • Contract synthetic chemistry and bioconjugation research services, focused on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)
  • Proprietary site-specific conjugation technologies and novel payloads for ADC development; and GMP manufacturer of ADC linkers, payloads & combined linker-payloads
  • Immunology research studies

Almac Group, Booth Table 16

Almac Group provides world-class, integrated solutions to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our services include process R&D, custom synthesis of API; micronization, 14C radio-labeling, formulation and analytical development; commercial-scale manufacture; packaging; storage; QP release; supply chain management; diagnostic/genomic services, preparation of clinical supplies and technology solutions (IVRS /Web/EDC).

AMRI, Booth Table 57

AMRI, a global contract research and manufacturing organization, partners with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. With locations in North America, Europe and Asia, AMRI's team combines scientific expertise and market-leading technology to provide a complete suite of solutions in Discovery, Development, Analytical and Solid State Services, API Manufacturing and Drug Product. The key contact is

Asymchem, Booth Table 12

Asymchem is one of the world’s leading global companies for producing pharmaceutical chemicals/API’s, providing integrated services that range from drug discovery to commercialization. With a workforce or over 1000 well-trained professionals and some of the most modern facilities in the world, Asymchem has supported many companies, large and small, at all stages of the pharmaceutical research and development chain.

Bellen Chemistry Co., Ltd., Booth Table 66 [ company website ]

BELLEN CHEMISTRY is an innovative CRO & CDMO company highly specialized in heterocycles and it owns a library of know-how for scale up of ca. 10,000 heterocyclic compounds. Bellen provides a range of high standard services, including Catalog, Custom Synthesis, FTE, Process R&D and Custom Manufacturing. These models are seamlessly interfaced as a powerful one-stop platform, which has helped our customers speed up their drug development on many projects and we are capable to deliver products at quantities from grams to tons to meet the precise requirements at different stages.

CatSci Ltd, Booth Table 69 [ company website ]

Proudly serving global customers from lead optimisation through to product launch and life-cycle management, CatSci is your reliable partner for innovative process research and development. As an award-winning, scientifically-unbiased and commercially-minded CRO, CatSci is dedicated to providing tailored chemistry services and non-GMP material supply to emerging, mid-sized and large pharma worldwide.

Chemspec-API, Booth Table 30 [ company website ]

Chemspec-API has been manufacturing APIs under GMP since 1997. We support development programs from concept through commercial production including regulatory support and filings. FDA inspected.

Chiral Quest, Booth Table 70

Chiral Quest is a US-based company founded in 2000 and Jiangxi Long Life was founded in 2009 near Nanchang, China. In May 2012 Chiral Quest and Long Life merged to form a single company. Chiral Quest Suzhou is focused on R&D and pilot plant operations and Chiral Quest Long Life is focused on commercial scale manufacture. The combined company has more than 100,000 L of manufacturing capacity, with expertise in high pressure asymmetric hydrogenation and cryogenic reactions. The company has successful

Chiral Technologies, Booth Table 40 [ company website ]

Chiral Technologies and Daicel Corporation have combined our talent and passion for delivering quality services and products to the pharmaceutical market and beyond. To support IND, DMF, and ANDA submissions, we now offer GMP Analytical Services, as well as catalog and custom Labeled Standards and Impurities. We continue to provide exceptional chiral chromatography products with the world’s largest portfolio of chiral stationary phases (CSP), manufactured reproducibly and reliably at our Daicel facility in Arai, Japan, and GMP custom chiral separation services, from mg to metric ton.

CordenPharma, Booth Table 67 [ company website ]

CordenPharma is your full-service partner in the Contract Development & Manufacturing (CDMO) of APIs, Drug Products and associated Packaging Services. Through a network of cGMP facilities across Europe and the US organized under five technology platforms – Peptides, Lipids & CarbohydratesInjectables - Highly Potent & Oncology - Small Molecules - Antibiotics - CordenPharma experts translate complex ideas, processes and projects at any stage of development into high-value products.

CRB, Booth Table 80 [ company website ]

CRB is a global service provider of engineers, architects, constructors and consultants driven to deliver the right solutions to life science and advanced technology clients.  Founded in 1984, we have grown to a team of more than 975 passionate professionals in 15 offices across the globe.  CRB's single-minded focus on putting our clients' interests first – every day, on every project – defines us as a firm.

Dipharma/Kalexsyn, Booth Table 84

Kalexsyn’s world-class scientists provide hit validation, lead optimization and solving tough synthetic problems. We also provide stable label synthesis and custom synthesis. Our process route development, process improvement and early API team is comprised of a group of senior scientists formerly with large pharma API teams. We offer clients an outstanding CRO experience with fixed quote, tailored short and long term FTE arrangements. Kalexsyn is privately owned with research laboratories in

Dipharma Group is highlighted on the market as one of the major European players in the field of Bulk Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients having a portfolio of about 60 APIs, with DMFs filed worldwide. We serve top ranking pharmaceutical companies in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan, supported by a fully equipped R&D Centre, consisting of more than 40 qualified researchers.

Modern laboratory equipment and one dedicated pilot plant enable us to develop and optimize complex chemical synthetic processes. Our three plants, operating in full cGMP, with a total capacity of about 550 m3, have been regularly inspected by US FDA through the years. All above competencies and capabilities make Dipharma the right partner for Custom Synthesis.

Our core technologies are Nitration, Nitroesterification, Azide Chemistry, High Pressure Hydrogenations, Chiral Synthesis, Organometallic Chemistry and Enzymatic Processes.”

Dottikon, Booth Table 53

DOTTIKON EXCLUSIVE SYNTHESIS is specialized on hazardous chemistry, with a focus on strongly exothermic reactions as well as unstable, highly reactive, or high-potent compounds or mixtures. DOTTIKON ES manufactures high-quality intermediates and exclusive APIs, from the kilogram to the multi-ton range, for the world's leading pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Hazardous reactions often allow to shorten production and synthesic procedures, reduce waste, improve yields, selectivity, and purity, an

Enzymaster, Booth Table 9 [ company website ]

Enzymaster is a one stop solution provider for the development and commercialization of innovative and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. With our proprietary BioEngine® platform and long-term experience, we offer R&D services with establishment of complete technology transfer packages and manufacturing collaborations to fine chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Our portfolio includes:

  • Enzyme panel screening
  • Smart directed evolution of enzymes
  • Biocatalytic process development
  • Enzyme preparation by fermentation
  • Biocatalytic manufacturing of chiral building blocks and API intermediates

Eurofins Alphora, Booth Table 43 [ company website ]

Eurofins Alphora provides API technology services for the scale-up of complex small molecule for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We support IND and Commercial Readiness of APIs.

Alphora operates FDA inspected and approved facilities including cGMP manufacturing operations, organic chemistry PR&D and analytical laboratories supported by Quality Control/Quality Assurance functions. A separate high-potency suite completes Alphora’s 74,000ft² facilities.

A 3rd m

Evonik, Booth Table 15

Evonik, a global leader in specialty chemicals, provides API & intermediates manufacturing, drug delivery technologies, advanced food ingredients & amino acid derivatives. Core CMO activities encompass API/HPAPI chemistry & biotechnology with additional focus on advanced technologies such as fermentation & strain development, and highly pure mPEGs & PEGylations. CMO services for oral drug products as well as parenteral drug manufacturing & sterile filling are also offered.

Evonik's global API manufacturing network & technical expertise provides unique flexibility & problem-solving capabilities to meet the most demanding project requirements. As the global leader in HPAPI manufacturing, projects move seamlessly from lab through to commercial scale.

Fareva, Booth Table 55 [ company website ]

FAREVA is France's largest CMO and ranks in the top five of Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations in the world. The company has 40 production sites, over 12,5000 employees and generated over €1.6 billion in sales in 2018.

FAREVA's Drug Substance Manufacturing performs cGMP manufacturing of small molecule APIs from 1 kg to 250 MT. FAREVA API manufacturing has three locations (FAREVA - Excella in Germany, FAREVA – Valdepharm, FAREVA – La Vallée) supporting drug substance manufacturing for both clinical trials and commercial production. Fareva has a broad range of capacity with reactors ranging from 25 L to 10,000 L.. The company has niche technology for spray drying, aseptic crystallization, aseptic micronization, hormones, high pressure hydrogenation, and highly potent manufacturing and micronization. FAREVA is the first and only company in the world to receive SafeBridge Certification to handle both high potent drug substance and drug product at the same facility.

FAREVA's facilities are FDA inspected and the company has an excellent track record and experience with regulatory agencies worldwide.

FAREVA's Drug Product Manufacturing has 15 drug product manufacturing sites with the following capabilities : Tablets, Capsules, Gels, Liquids, Sprays/Aerosols, Suppositories, Powder Filling , Sterile Solutions/Suspensions, Blow Fill Seal, Creams/Ointments, Lyophilized Products, Cytotoxics, High Potent Pharmaceuticals and Packaging.

Farmhispania, Booth Table 76 [ company website ]

Farmhispania Group is a CDMO composed of two companies in Spain: Farmhispania (Barcelona) and Rolabo (Zaragoza). We provide PR&D/Custom manufacturing services of API/advanced intermediates and HPAPI's starting from Phase I clinical trials up to and including commercial supply. Our >60 scientists use the latest in technology and up to date DoE approach in a QbD framework. We provide our customers with a dedicated development and analytical team to support process/analytical development, TT and manufacture. Our core handling technologies include:

  • HPAPI Technical Centre (OEL <30 ng/m3)
  • HP Fermentation (OEL <0.1 ug/m3)
  • Hydrogenation (20 bar)
  • Cryogenics (-80 degrees C)
  • Large scale preparative HPLC (various scale up to 300 mm diameter high pressure and 600 mm diameter medium pressure)
  • Large scale medium pressure chromatography including IEC
  • Large scale freeze drying
  • Wet milling
  • Micronisation

FLAMMA, Booth Table 1 [ company website ]

LAMMA is a CDMO with Headquarters near Milan, Italy. As a fully integrated CDMO, we can leverage our 100% self-owned, self-managed facilities, in Italy, China and the USA to deliver a stable, reliable supply chain. 

We specialize in the cGMP manufacturing of:

  • APIs
  • NCEs
  • RSMs
  • Advanced intermediates (NCEs and generics).

We use our expertise in high value chiral materials (specifically amino acid related materials) to provide solutions to customers who not only have need for chiral materials but also clients who have other requirements with a various type of chemistries.

In addition, we also manufacture specialty compounds and advanced intermediates for the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, and we have a variety of niche generic products.

FLAMMA has four state of the art cGMP manufacturing facilities, each with its own R&D staff and labs.


  1. Flamma Chignolo has 120 m3 capacity
  2. Flamma Isso has 130 m3 capacity


  1. Flamma Honkai is located outside of Dalian, China with 200 m3 of capacity
  2. Flamma Honkai provides the security of constant Italian management & oversight. It is like having an Italian facility in China.


  1. Flamma USA is located in Malvern, PA outside of Philadelphia
  2. Flamma-delpia features a cGMP Pilot Plant, 6 standard cGMP kilo lab suites, 1 cGMP HPAPI kilo lab suite, 22 fume hoods, an analytical development lab as well as a QC lab, and additional space for future expansion for any necessary analytical, chemistry, and/or warehouse needs.

Flamma works on both early stage pre-clinical development of small molecules (multi-kilo) as well as large-scale commercial manufacturing (MT).

Helsinn, Booth Table 31

Helsinn is a leading Swiss CMO located in Biasca, Switzerland with over 30 years of experience in chemical development and cGMP manufacturing. Helsinn serves small to large biotech and pharmaceutical clients, supporting analytical and process development, manufacturing scale-up, optimization, registration and validation for mid to late stage clinical and commercial compounds. While focusing on synthetic NCEs, Helsinn performs a wide variety of services and chemical syntheses (see those called out below

J-Star Research, Booth Table 87

J-STAR Research, J-STAR, based in South Plainfield, NJ is capable of tackling some of the most challenging chemistry problems in the industry including developing optimal synthetic routes, process research, scale up, synthesis of metabolites and impurities, developing novel synthetic strategies and cGMP manufacturing. The company was founded by a Dr. Andrew Thomson from Merck over ten years ago.

Johnson Matthey, Booth Table 26

At JM, we turn science into customer solutions. We take our knowledge of chemistry and materials and use it to solve your complex problems, whether that is scaling up manufacturing or developing new and next generation products. Our areas of expertise include controlled substances, custom pharma solutions, catalysts, and APIs and life cycle management.

Kingchem, Booth Table 78 [ company website ]

Kingchem Life Science's R&D, manufacturing, logistics and sales facilities in the USA and China provide competitive advantage, supply chain assurance and excellence in customer service.

For regulatory starting materials, advanced intermediates or custom APIs, let our technically proficient teams tailor a solution to your needs with our competitively positioned contract research, process development, chemical synthesis and custom manufacturing.

We offer core technologies in fluorination, chlorination, hydrogenation, organometallic reactions, heterocyclic compounds and chiral compounds with wide-ranging chemical capabilities enabling the large scale production of complex organic compounds.

From kilograms to multi-tons, leverage Western management and Eastern value by making Kingchem your solution for reliable custom manufacturing.

Mercachem Syncom Group, Booth Table 34

Mercachem is a privately owned leading European contract research organization offering innovative exploratory chemistry, medicinal chemistry and process R&D services to accelerate the drug discovery and development process in a flexible and cost-effective way. Mercachem was founded in 1997, occupies 3,500 m2 state-of-the-art research facilities in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and employs more than 100 chemists. Working for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world, Mercachem is r

MRIGlobal, Booth Table 37

At MRIGlobal, our focus in Pharmaceutical Sciences is providing clients with scientifically driven results to keep projects on track. Our 80 years of success is built on a strong foundation of technical competence, communication, quality, and teamwork. Together, we achieve your objectives, continually assessing your parameters and goals.

Nanoform Finland Ltd, Booth Table 14 [ company website ]

Our multi-patented Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESSTM) technology enables the creation of API nanoparticles directly from solution. The process can be applied to most small molecules, with a high success rate of 80-90%.

Novasep, Booth Table 44

Novasep provides flexible contract development & manufacturing (CDMO) solutions for Small Molecule APIs & Biopharmaceuticals to innovators. We offer a wide range of flexible cGMP manufacturing assets on multiple sites with an outstanding regulatory track record.

We are a world leader in a number of technologies including industrial chromatography (batch and continuous), hazardous & cryogenic chemistry, HPAPIs, ADCs & Viral Vectors.  

Novasep has recently invested over >100m€ to expand its commercial manufacturing footprint including:

> ADCs: A new 11m€ bioconjugation unit in Le Mans, France

> Viral Vectors: Senrise-IV, a new 27m€ facility for AAV, Adenovirus, Lentiviral vectors, HSV... in Seneffe, Belgium

> Fill & Finish: Senefill, a new 10m€ facility for aseptic Fill & Finish operations for viral vectors, viruses, plasmids and other biologics in Seneffe, Belgium

Have a look at our website to learn more about our services:

And to contact us:

Olon/Olon Ricerca, Booth Table 17

Olon Ricerca Bioscience, a member of the Olon Group, is a contract research and manufacturing organization offering first-class analytical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, engineering and API manufacturing services throughout all phases of drug development. Our highly experienced scientific team has a proven history of achievement with complex chemistry challenges providing a complete solution for your small molecule chemical development needs, creating a synergy that excels at first?time scale?ups and subsequent development of safe, reliable, robust and cost-effective manufacturing processes. Together, our facility in Concord, Ohio, (ranging from 22 to 3,000 liters) contains state of the art analytical instrumentation, kilo labs and pilot plant reactors and our 8 FDA-inspected manufacturing plants in Europe (totaling more than 5,000 m3 of capacity), provides access to multipurpose HPAPI Labs for either cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic APIs and to high capacity fermentation plant.

From preclinical development to commercial manufacturing, Olon Group offers flexible access to a broad spectrum of development and manufacturing expertise.

Orion Contract Manufacturing, Booth Table 41 [ company website ]

Orion Contract Orion Contract Manufacturing Manufacturing offers wide drug substance and drug product contract development and manufacturing services within the Finland-based Orion Corporation, founded in 1917.

Orion Contract Manufacturing want's to offer fully integrated contract development and manufacturing services from phase I to commercial scale for GMP Intermediates and API's. Orion has high expertise in development of intermediates and API's for NCE products and has API development projects constantly in clinical phases I-III. All Orion API sites are FDA/EMA approved and high quality best in class automated sites.

Orion Contract Manufacturing has also wide drug product contract manufacturing offering. We have for example following services available:  highly potent and cytotoxic tablets and capsules, dedicated facility for semisolid hormones, narcotics & controlled substances, topical creams, gels & ointments, oral tablets & capsules, nasals, sprays, liquids & suspensions, small volume sterile, veterinary products, prefilled oral syringes and packaging operations with serialization capabilities.

Orion corporation is also interested in out- and in-licensing opportunities for NCE products.

PMC Isochem, Booth Table 81 [ company website ]

PMC Isochem offers contract research, custom manufacturing and catalogue products for Pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Our offer addresses three areas:

  • CDMO services: GMP industrial exclusive custom synthesis and provides tailor made services from development to production, including route selection. 3 FDA audited manufacturing plants
  • Drug delivery solutions: TPGS-1000 NF USP for poorly soluble drug formulation and Polypeptides based solution for Nano Encapsulation and Polymer Drug Conjugates
  • Generic APIs: 20 generic API  for US, EU and worldwide market

Procos SpA, Booth Table 61 [ company website ]

Procos S.p.A., established in 1945, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese company, CBC Co. Ltd. Group, specializing in the development, scale-up and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI’s) for oncology, advanced intermediates and related services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our core business sectors include custom synthesis and Generic API manufacturing. The manufacturing site is located in Cameri, Italy. The 110,000 square meter, cutting-edge multipurpose plant, fully designed under cGMP compliance, has been successfully audited and approved by the main regulatory authorities including AIFA, FDA and PMDA. To ensure our constant growth in an increasingly competitive market, Procos strives to pursue new innovation, while keeping our core identity, by constantly investing in our company and in our people.

Raffles PharmaTech, Booth Table 51 [ company website ]

Raffles provides small molecules to support the discovery, development and launch of innovative medicines. Our custom synthesis services (CSS) group provides scaffolds and libraries of unique compounds for supporting drug discovery efforts.

Our development teams are involved in process development and manufacturing of key starting materials and intermediates for clinical studies and commercial supply. Specialties include chiral compounds, sulfur containing molecules, amino acid derivatives and heterocycles with difficult substitution patterns.

We are based in Guangdong, China, where we operate 45,000 sq. ft of modern, well-equipped lab and production facilities.

Sambi Pharma, Booth Table 19 [ company website ]

We are located in Hyderabad, one of the prime pharmaceutical research hubs in India. Our state-of-the-art facility is located at Lab Suite F-7A at MN iHub in Genome Valley, Hyderabad. It is the first of its kind incubation center in the whole country. It also offers early-stage and start-up life sciences companies a unique opportunity to work in top class, turn-key laboratories with custom designed office spaces and technology pilot plants. It offers a wide range of scientific and testing equipment, analytical and instrumentation laboratories, and support services.

Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions, Booth Table 50

SANOFI Active Ingredient Solutions: Manufacturing your Success

Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions is the new branding of Sanofi API third party business (previously CEPIA). More than 2,000 women and men are developing, manufacturing and supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients and technological solutions for external customers and partners in 80 countries.

To do so, we work with passion, pride and rigor, recognizing that our products are the key contributor to therapeutic solutions, helping millions of people live life to its full potential, every day, all over the world.

We globally serve innovative pharmaceutical companies, from start-ups to big pharma companies and generics pure players.

With our catalogue of high quality APIs and our contract development and manufacturing organization, we deliver expertise and customized solutions that contribute to the success of your business.

As a global leader, Sanofi Active Ingredient Solutions has been supporting customers for decades with innovative, efficient and safe solutions, high-quality products and premium customer service.

Our focus: The continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Our driver: Your satisfaction! 

Selvita, Booth Table 75 [ company website ]

Selvita is a global integrated drug discovery CRO specialising in variety of drug discovery processes from in silico drug design, and synthesis of a target-focused library, SAR and ADME-driven lead optimization and toxicity prediction, followed by complex preclinical in vitro development, all tailored to the customer's needs. Selvita's laboratories possess both GLP and GMP certification.

Shiono Finesse, Ltd., Booth Table 74 [ company website ]

Shiono Finesse offers API contract manufacturing services and related services including custom synthesis, process development, and analytical services. Our manufacturing facility is GMP-compliant and has been regularly inspected by the FDA as well as other health authorities. We have a capacity for full range manufacturing, from gram-scale of investigational drug development to metric tons of commercial products. The high quality services we render are supported by our advanced technology and fully implemented quality assurance system. We have long experience in contract manufacturing with many customers.

Solvias, Booth Table 49

Solvias is a privately held company located in Basel/Switzerland. With over 300 highly qualified employees, Solvias supports the research and development of new drug substances and the optimization of manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies worldwide. Customers benefit from a wide range of experience in the following areas: Chemical Development and cGMP Manufacturing , Catalysis, Analytical Services, Process analytical technologies and, Polymorphism, salts an

Syngene International, Booth Table 72

Syngene International Limited is an India-based global Contract Research Organization offering a suite of integrated, end-to-end discovery and development services for novel molecular entities across small and large molecules, antibody-drug conjugates and oligonucleotides. Its nearly 300 global clientele covers diverse sectors including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemicals, consumer health, animal health, cosmetic and nutrition companies. The Company's integrated discovery and development platforms support organizations conduct discovery (from hit to candidate selection), development (including pre-clinical and clinical studies, analytical and bio-analytical evaluation, formulation development and stability studies) and pilot manufacturing (scale-up, pre-clinical and clinical supplies) with a distinctive economic advantage.

W.R. Grace, Booth Table 39

Grace, built on talent, technology and trust, is a premier specialty chemicals company that provides innovative technologies and services to help solve complex challenges in custom chemical synthesis and the scale up of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage, chemical processing, and other industries.

Grace works with customers to support projects from pre-clinical through commercialization, offering customized product development, project management, and scal

WeylChem InnoTec, Booth Table 46 [ company website ]

Innovating chemistry. Together.

WeylChem InnoTec, based in Frankfurt, Germany is the innovative partner to the fine chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industry. With competencies in Analytics, Contract Research, and Custom Synthesis, we are your agile development partner.

We developed a strong expertise in organometallic and low-temperature reactions down to -100 °C. Another core competency are high-pressure reactions like carbonylations, hydroformylations, and specialty hydrogenations up to 200 bar.

We combines these challenging technologies in multi-step-syntheses with the whole range of modern organic chemistry using state-of-the-art, multipurpose facilities with a 80 different stirred reaction vessels with capacities ranging from 100 to 5,000 liters.

Contact information:

Richard Amitrano
VP Business Development North America
Industriepark Höchst G 830, 65926 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Phone: 718-948-4604
Mobil: 917-612-0795

Wilmington PharmaTech, Booth Table 32

Wilmington PharmaTech Company (WPT) is a leading global service company specializing in research and development of process chemistry and medicinal chemistry for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Founded in 2003 in Newark DE, WPT has a proven track record of providing fast, reliable and quality services for pharma and biotech companies worldwide. In addition to the five cGMP kilo labs we have in Newark DE, we recently acquired a pilot plant location which will enable us to further expand

Zach System, Booth Table 85

Zach System, FDA inspected site located in France, excellent track record. API manufacturer including corticosteroids, special excipients, RSM. Handling API with OEL 1 µg / m3 — OEB 4. R&D team (20 people), Kilolab, Pilot Plant. Special technologies: Hydride Reduction, Lithiation, Cryogenic Reaction, Birch, Diels-Alder, Ozonolysis, Grignard. Hydrogenation: 400L, 1000L (5 bars), 2*4000L (12 bars).Special handling: LAH, DMS, DES, Acetylene, KCN, NaCN, Li or Na in liq. Ammonia, AIBN. Speci

ZCL Chemicals, Booth Table 21 [ company website ]

ZCL is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India focused in developing and manufacturing APIs & Advanced Intermediates and offering CDMO services across the globe.

Site is:

  1. Successfully inspected by the US FDA, EDQM, KFDA, Cofepris and some of the leading Pharmaceuticals companies.
  2. Four Multiple purpose blocks with five dedicated streams with Powder processing area
  3. Reaction capacity of 56,500 gallon / 214 KiloLitre
  4. Operating temperature range: minus 100 deg C to +220 deg C
  5. Pressure: 5 to 20 bar - dedicated hydrogenation suite

ZCL's customer-centric approach has won the status of preferred supplier and strategic partner from Global Pharmaceutical companies. More than 95% of the revenue is from the Innovators & major Generic companies based in the US & Europe.