Sept 13-14, 2021
Ocean Place Resort, NJ
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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Central Glass Germany
Chemo Dynamics, Inc.
ChemoGenics BioPharma
Chiral Technologies
Cosma S.p.A.

Cambrex, Booth Table 13 [ company website ]

Cambrex is an innovative life sciences company that provides pharmaceutical products, expertise and technologies that accelerate small molecule therapeutics into markets across the world.

With over 35 years of API development and manufacturing expertise, Cambrex is tried and trusted across branded and generic API markets

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Booth Table 59

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is the world leader in the manufacture and separation of stable isotopes and stable isotope-labeled compounds. CIL offers highly pure compounds that are uniformly or selectively enriched in 13C, 15N, D, 18O or 17O, with more than 15,000 products for use as internal standards, in clinical trials, and in synthetic applications, including the manufacturing of APIs. CIL operates the world's largest 18O and 13C separation facilities and one of the only privately held D2O re-enrichment facilities to supply enough stable isotope raw material for your application. CIL's capabilities range from milligram to multi-kilogram of deuterated reagents and intermediates for any deuterated drug applications. In addition, CIL's cGMP suites can manufacture stable isotope materials to support any phase of a clinical trial or bulk APIs.


Areas of expertise:

  • Stable isotope labeled internal standards
  • Deuterated intermediates, deuterated solvents, and API's
  • Amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids, steroids, metabolites, and vitamins
  • Environmental standards

Central Glass Germany, Booth Table 30

Central Glass Germany is dedicated to process development, upscaling and production of active ingredients and intermediates for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. It operates a FDA and EU inspected facility in Halle-K�nsebeck, which it acquired from Girindus in June 2008. An experienced and highly skilled team of organic chemists and support functions, such as analytical specialists and QA/QC team, ensure success and high quality of our projects.

Chemo Dynamics, Inc., Booth Table 78 [ company website ]

New Jersey based CRO and CMO company with cGMP facility that provides broad spectrum of services including Custom Contract R&D, Custom Syntheses, Process Research/Scale-Up, Analytical Method Development and Impurity Isolation, and Small Lot Manufacturing to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies during drug discovery, testing and clinical trial periods. Chemo Dynamics operates from a 15,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with a state-of-the-art analytical lab, seven non-GMP labs and two GMP labs. We also provide GMP services and have Schedule II-V Controlled Substance License.

Chemo Dynamics has 50 years of diversified and versatile experience in handling various aspects of chemistry and process. Well equipped to handle multistep synthesis and complex process up to 100 kg level using 100 L glass reactor and 200 L stainless reactor. Have specialized Hydrogenation capability.

Skilled and knowledgeable company that provides solutions to a wide range of custom chemical challenges for the client in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and flavor & fragrance industries. Our chemists are at the cutting edge of new developments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology areas. We can be considered Creative, Innovative, Cost effective seamless extension of your internal team.

Committed to the success of our clients. Fastest concept to quantity in the industry for quick market entry.

OUR PROMISE: Quality Products • Competitive Pricing • IP Protection • Superior Service

ChemoGenics BioPharma, Booth Table 94 [ company website ]

ChemoGenics BioPharma excels in the creation and identification of candidates that progress into clinical trials through their expertise in several areas of drug discovery. Highlights of our efforts are the clinical trials of two phase 2 compounds, for which entire composition of matter was created and compounds were synthesized in our labs. Several issued patents as well as publications of two key papers in peer reviewed journals attest to our achievements. For Integrated drug discovery efforts, we have state of the art instrumentation, such as several triple quads, several HPLC's, GCMS, large scale up glassware, prep HPLC's, PDA and CAD detectors.

Chiral Technologies, Booth Table 52 [ company website ]

Chiral Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is the market leader in the area of enantioselective chromatography. Together with Daicel Corporation, we support all stages of the single-enantiomer drug development process from preclinical studies to commercial drug development. We offer a full range of chiral HPLC and SFC chromatography columns for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative separations. To accelerate drug development efforts, we provide the enantioselective resolution of quantities ranging from 200 milligrams to 200 kilograms of chiral compounds, under cGMP if required. We also provide process development and pilot studies for the manufacture of chiral intermediates of approved drugs.

Cosma S.p.A., Booth Table 85

COSMA SpA (founded 1977), located in Italy, manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for a large number of clients, mainly in regulated markets, including US, Europe and Japan. The plant includes industrial production blocks with a capacity of 140 m3 and a pilot manufacturing unit. Cosma produces both generic API and custom molecules, with a proven expertise in the development of innovative and patentable processes.

Contact us at to set up a meeting.

CRB, Booth Table 40 [ company website ]

CRB is a global service provider of engineers, architects, constructors and consultants driven to deliver the right solutions to life science and advanced technology clients. Founded in 1984, we have grown to a team of more than 975 passionate professionals in 15 offices across the globe. CRB's single-minded focus on putting our clients' interests first – every day, on every project – defines us as a firm.

Crystallics, Booth Table 11

Crystallics and Pharmavize recently joined forces to deliver streamlined pharmaceutical development services. The combination will provide an integrated service offering consisting of solid state chemistry, analytical & formulation development, drug product manufacturing and dossier development services. The newly formed group is set to become an international, single source contractor for pharmaceutical needs that arise during pre-clinical and early phase drug development. With staff of 80 highly qualified employees and some 40 years of combined experience, the two companies serve a broad customer base from emerging biotech to tier- one pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the United States and Japan.