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Parsippany Hilton, Parsippany, NJ

2012 Exhibitors Remarked After the Show

I'm not exactly sure what made the difference this year, but this was a dramatically different show for us…in a very positive way. I can say, this year we were booked solid with high potential meetings and we at least had the opportunity to sit down at the table with potential new clients, introduce ourselves and pitch our capabilities.

We had a few walk-up opportunities, some good meetings, and I made several contacts with innovators, some of which I had been trying to get in touch with.

Several good leads that will hopefully lead to contracts. Thanks again and see you next year.
-Almac Group

The show was good this year. We always like to see more biotech companies – and there were a number this year. I like your new approach (free attendance) – I suggest you keep at it. The more clients at the show, the better for everyone.
-Alphora Research

This was a GREAT networking opportunity for me and I developed many contacts. The panel discussions were great and informative and I learned a lot about the industry. I did get a few RFQ's out of it as well.

For a young company like ours we made significant contacts and got to discuss contracts and project. This will greatly help our 2013 pipeline.
-APC, Inc.

We think ChemOutsourcing is a good chance to have more customers and business.
-Apeloa Kangyu

We had several very solid leads and made a number of good contacts.
-Apertus Pharmaceuticals

I actually received a major RFI from a specialty pharma company looking for placing major GMP API manufacturing projects this year (all before the end of the week!)

For me, covering NJ to Boston, I had a reasonable number of meetings. I was happy with the results.

It was a great opportunity to meet people from our potential customers in person. Quite a few of them I had not seen before, due to organizational changes in the companies. The distinct advantage of ChemOutsourcing is the personal interaction.
-Central Glass Germany

Several leads and confidentiality agreements under signature.

Overall businesses wise, everything was good
-Chemie Uetikon

We had a chance to meet with possible new customers so that is always a plus.
-Chiral Technologies

Very pleased with conference. Two leads already – one under CDA and the other about to.
-Crystallics, Inc.

We had two people come in Thursday morning to see our mini pilot reactor. They were from New Jersey and this really cleared up their concerns. There hands-on experience may have closed the sale for us.
-CTP Corporation

My colleagues who attended the conference with me expressed high level of satisfaction, not to mention my achievement on networking with renowned pharmaceutical company sourcing managers. Until this conference, Daewoong has had difficulty in setting up meetings with sourcing mangers. We had total 10 significant contacts and expect to follow up the potential business opportunities with them.
-Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co.

We got a few RFQs and several new leads.
-Digital Chemistry

I did enjoy it very much, both business and social wise.

The conference went well for Euticals. We are trying to build our brand, so it is important to present it frequently. We did make some new contacts and got some interesting leads.
-Euticals, Inc.

Most contacts show business interest and some even scheduled follow up meetings next month in Madrid. I am positive that we will come back.

I got a lot from the show this year- I re-connected with some old acquaintances, made a few new contacts, and got to spend a bit of casual time with my key account.
-Evonik Degussa Corporation

It was my most productive show yet, and this is my sixth year in a row. I scheduled 14 meetings prior to the show, and then had a couple of unplanned meetings as well.

Can we look to sponsor the Beach Party again for next year?
-Flamma SpA

The show went well for us with good traffic for our booth. It did generate a few leads.
-Hamari Chemical

It was a good show and we had some new contacts.
-Heraeus Precious Metals

The show worked out well – there was more buzz than last year and there were some new leads.
IPCA Laboratories

Show was best one I had been to, so thanks for that.
-IPCA Onyx Scientific

We were able to touch base and further a relationship with a valued customer that we are currently growing a partnership with.

Show was fine and I did meet some new contacts as well as individuals I planned to see.
-Johnson Matthey Pharma Services

I thought the conference was stronger business-wise for us this year versus 2011. We have 3 good leads we are following-up with and hope turn into strong leads. Several of our clients were there and that is nice to be able to touch base with several and not have to travel from east to west.
-Kalexsyn, Inc.

The first day was slow for us. But the second day we made up.
-Kaneka Americas Holding Inc.

Overall another good show. I believe we got a few leads.

I got several good leads and plan to attend next year.
-Medicilon, Inc.

This was my first time attending, and also the first for our division; I am recommending that we come back next year in a higher capacity.
-Mettler Toledo

Overall the event was very good.
-Navin Fluorine International

It was a wonderful conference this year because there were more promising customers for Nissan than usual.
-Nissan Chemical Industries

We made a few new contacts with companies that we have never worked with in the past.

It went well as usual. lots of networking, catching up with current and past clients and a few new leads.

I will say the show went well for us and I did get some qualified leads.

ROI was good. No RFPs or POs, but good strong connections to 3 potential clients. Possible work (RFPs) from them in Q1 2013.

I would say we have come away with 4 good leads for us.
-Rohnerchem, Inc.

The social events were very good to make some new and reinforce old connections.
-Sanofi (CEPiA)

We had 6 qualified leads. Not bad from our perspective. Thanks for a great show.

We had a few leads and found the show useful for networking. Next year we intend to stay the full four days as two days was simply not enough.
-Senn Chemical

I enjoyed it and had some new leads out of it.
-Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

Made one very promising lead and met up with three acquaintances where business now looks promising.
-Shasun Pharma Solutions

We're going to drop other shows and focus our time and investment on ChemOutsourcing. We were spending way too much to get too little.
-Siegfried USA

We met lots of new contacts at the show this year , just issued my first quote today and hopefully lots more to follow. Very pleased.
-Solid Form Solutions

We had approximately 20 interactions, with about half of them previously arranged (with and without the PCO meeting scheduler). In summary, I would say that the conference was a success for us.

We have some new quote requires from the company
-Sphinx Scientific Laboratory Corp.

We did had interesting conversations with our possible customers, existing and new ones.

We had a very good meeting this time. Good solid contacts that we are confident will lead to new business in the coming months. I look forward to another warm sunny week in Sept. next year.
-The Chemistry Research Solution

I have few leads, the same or slightly less than last year. More people used the greatly improved partnering system.