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Meet The Buyers

2:00 - 3:15 Speed Dating Tues Sept 18

Pharmaceutical Co. Hosted Roundtables for 4 Minute Supplier Speed Meetings. Participants, identify the companies that match your service offerings then just show up. No presentations, just business cards, and a 4 minute chat, then move to next company you want to meet.

Adjay Holdings Inc.
API and finished dose CRO/CDMOs with US-based manufacturing facilities

Process development and production of complex, multi-step starting materials and GMP intermediates
Clinical and commercial-scale capabilities for continuous flow chemistry
Small volume, highly potent GMP production

Chiral separation via chromatography – both lab and production scale (stationary phase, SMB, SFC, etc)
Ozonolysis on scale
Rapid response one-off synthesis (gram quantities)
Rapid screening (homogeneous or heterogeneous catalytic conditions, chiral salts, crystallization conditions, etc.)

BryoLogyx Inc
API scale up through GMP synthesis; we have some work already ongoing (GMP synthesis) and are working on backup compounds. Eventually, also formulation/packaging for clinical trials (if these capabilities are among the participating companies). We are also interested in medicinal chemistry.

Complexa Inc
Process development, clinical and commercial-scale capabilities for small volume GMP production. Particular interest in CDMOs with ozonolysis, lipid manufacture, lab and production scale separation (LC, SMB, SFC, etc) expertise. Drug Discovery Chemistry services, pre-formulation, cold chain drug product manufacture and packaging.

Contract manufacturing activities, capabilities in agrochemicals and electronic grade chemical intermediate production.

Eli Lilly Discovery & Pre-Clinical Development
non-GMP, kg-scale manufacturing

International Flavors and Fragrances
Process development, Process research, Lead discovery, Catalyst screening (incl. biocatalysis)
Renewable raw materials, building blocks, feedstocks
Support regulatory scale up on commercial candidates

Kintai Therapeutics
Small molecule custom synthesis, peptide synthesis, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry

Johnson Matthey
Intermediates and Advanced Intermediates used in developing an API

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Lycera Corporation

Custom manufacturing (kilo-lab and pilot plant scale), process development, flow chemistry.

Custom synthesis of API or API precursor, DNA-encoded library screening and crystallization.

Scripps Health
Interested in a CRO that helps me with the synthesis of a "targetable" compound, a small molecule preferably with a molecular weight limit, that selectively binds to one or two cell-surface-receptors of the cell population of interest. This molecule must be conjugated to a toxic-cargo-agent and upon its binding to its targetable receptor, is internalized to deliver its cargo intracellularly.

Silar Laboratories
Seeking pharma intermediates, silane blocking agents, reducing agents, custom synthesis, scale up manufacturing

Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Drug Discovery Chemistry services, Medicinal Chemistry and CRO