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2013 Rx Buyer Comments

2019 Rx Buyer Comments

When I attend your meeting I really want to listen to panel discussions, keynotes and mingle with attendees/vendors. The thing that I find so enjoyable about your meeting has been that it's informal (unlike Informex and CPHi).
Infinity Pharmaceuticals

It was a very worthwhile time and I had some good interactions with many companies there. Thanks for putting on a great conference!
Keryx Pharmaceuticals

It was good to get a chance to connect with the pharma companies that we don't see at Informex or CPhI anymore. They also had a chance to chat with a few suppliers we normally don't have time to see at the other shows.

It's awesome. I liked it. The new pharma table you organized this year was particularly helpful to vendors, and I heard some good comments.

Because the 2013 show was so pro ductive we will send more people from the regional sourcing group next year.

It was good to connect with a lot of our suppliers over the two days in a relaxed setting.
Gilead Sciences

Great networking opportunities. I ran out of my business cards and of course got the same amount of them back (from other attendees).
Synta Pharmaceutical Group

The Table participation was a great idea. I entertained 20 plus meeting; though short. Was able to make quick assessment and decided if a F2F meeting could be fruitful.

The happy hour to generate more traffic to the vendor show was an excellent idea. I like the fact that there were more vendors this year. My schedule was fully booked for the meeting and I thoroughly enjoyed my role on the panel. Great Job.
Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

I had set time for myself to walk through the exhibit halls so that I could peruse the vendors and spend time where there was interest. This was very productive. The client table format was also very good. It was a great way to meet new vendors and hear about their capabilities.

I really enjoyed the conf as it gives me the ability to meet a large and diverse amount of relevant suppliers in a short period of time rather than try to schedule meetings on-site at BI.
Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

The show was very good – it was a great way to meet many different vendors and learn about their capabilities. I relayed to some friends and colleagues that it would be a good one for them to attend as well. I look forward to attending next year.
Progenics Pharmaceuticals

I was there for one day only. Day was fully booked with meetings and wish I had carved out more time to catch up and network. Greetings and see you next year.
Forest Laboratories

As an attendee having the panel discussions in the same room as the booths made it much easier to slip in and out and was definitely the better option in my opinion.

I did connect with several colleagues from other companies who are managing CROs In addition, I also met several new vendors which I was not aware of before. Thank you for your complimentary pass and look forward to next one.

I enjoyed the show, and I plan to attend again in the future.
Bristol Myers Squibb

Very good show as usual. The balance of presentations, panels and time for networking was appropriate.

The show was an enjoyable venue to easily connect with existing vendors and network with potential vendors The centrally located presentations allowed for casual attendance of the presentation as well as in depth question and answer without feeling disconnected from the rest of the show. Overall – value added experience. Looking forward to next year.

It was very busy with back to back meetings all three days but I enjoyed it a lot and found it very useful.

The show was great. Made lots of new contacts and reconnected with old ones. Will potentially start at least three new projects from the connections.
Keryx Pharmaceuticals

We managed to have about 10 meetings with key drug substance suppliers, and so the show was worthwhile for us.
Cell Therapeutics

From my business perspective there happens to be 5 companies I work with that participate so for meetings was very good. Personally – enjoy the "lower key" atmosphere.
Intrexon Corporation

It was much more enriching this year than last year, my having met many different companies that I will further interact with.
Kadmon Corporation

The plenary is great. The keynote speaker is a great idea.
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Overall, I'm really pleased that I attended. While these interactions certainly take place at scientific meetings, it's efficient to spend a few days concentrating on chemistry outsourcing as a specific topic rather than an "extra" or even a "distraction" at other meetings.
AstraZeneca Neuroscience

ChemOutsourcing is still the best networking venue in the industry bar none.
Neurocrine Biosciences

I think the ratio of clients and service providers was pretty good. In the past it's been heavy on the sell side. I also liked that the sell side was more western based.
Shire Pharmaceuticals

It was a great meeting and helped me for the landscape of the China CROs and CMOs.
Roche China

I was able to network with various suppliers which provided some good leads for the projects I am working on.
Bristol-Myers Squibb

The speakers and topics were very relevant – I especially enjoyed the talk on the Wall Street aspects of the CMOS/CROS. It was a great venue to renew relationships with existing suppliers, get a feel for how the industry is performing and make contacts with some new suppliers.
Sandoz, Inc.

Everyone I wanted to meet was at the meeting, and I met a few other interesting leads that were unexpected bonuses, so it was a good couple of days for me.

I had the opportunity to talk with many companies and was able to make new contacts and identify potential resources for future projects.
I also thought the sponsor table hour worked well in that it allowed vendors to come to the sponsors to ask questions and talk. Tarsa Therapeutics

I was able to meet folks from a lot of different companies that provided many different services. Since then, blueprint is on the verge of working with one of the companies and is likely to work with others in the future.
Blueprint Medicines

The conference overall went well. I had many productive meetings with companies but the scheduling tool was a bit cumbersome to use.

Once again, it was a great show, the networking opportunities, the exhibits, the talks, and the evening socials - it was all good. The conference is always geared a bit more towards Development/API than Discovery but I felt there was a reasonable balance between the 2.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals