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2011 Exhibitor List

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Space 73 Adesis
Space 62 Aesica Pharmaceuticals
Space 64 Albemarle Corporation
Space 79 AllessaSyntec
Space 82 Alphora Research
Space 81 AMRI
Space 49 Apeloa Kangyu
Space 75 Archimica
Space 71 Atlanchim Pharma
Space 67 Avra Laboratories
Space 55 BoroPharm
Space 46 C&EN
Space 25 Cambridge Major Laboratories
Space 40 Charnwood Molecular
Space 4 Chemical Transfer Partnership
Space 69 Chemir
Space 30 Chemistry Research Solution
Space 14 Chemistry Today
Space 78 Chemsowed
Space 50 Chiral Technologies, Inc.
Space 65 CiVentiChem
Space 42 Columbia Analytical Services
Space 19 Corning Reactor Technologies
Space 17 Covenance
Space 41 CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH
Space 78 DavosPharma
Space 8 Delmar Chemicals, Inc.
Space 70 Digital Specialty Chemicals
Space 45 Dr Reddy’s
Space 16 DSM
Space 1 Evonik
Space 12 Evotec
Space 63 EXCELLA GmbH
Space 72 exim-indis inc
Space 63 FAREVA
Space 26 Farmhispania
Space 48 Ferro Corporation
Space 22 Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Space 37 Gateway Analytical
table 27 Gelest, Inc.
Space 5 GVK BIO
Space 80 Helsinn
Space 20 Hengdian Group
Space 44 Hovione
Space 21 Hybio
Space 74 IRIX Pharmaceuticals
Space 68 ISOCHEM
Space 77 iThemba Pharmaceuticals
Space 23 J-Star Research
Space 60 Johnson Matthey
Space 76 Kalexsyn
Space 61 Kingchem
Space 39 Kitco Metals
Space 18 LAUDA-Brinkmann
Space 10 Lonza
Space 6 Mercachem
Space 53 Minakem Americas
Space 47 MP Biomedicals
Space 33 Navin Fluorine International Ltd.
Space 78 Niels Clauson-Kaas
Space 43 Optimachem
Space 11 PCAS-Nanosyn
Space 54 PharmaAdvance, Inc.
Space 13 Pharmaceutical Outsourcing
Space 2 PharmaCore, Inc.
Space 51 PharmaZell
Space 59 Piramal Healthcare
Space 24 Ricerca Biosciences
Space 34 Rohnerchem
Space 52 Saltigo
Space 9 Scynexis
Space 36 Selcia Ltd.
Space 32 Sentinel Process Systems
Space 58 Shanghai Chemspec Corporation
Space 15 Shasun Pharma Solutions
Space 29 Shouguang Fukang Pharmaceuticals
Space 7 Siegfried USA
Space 35 Solid Form Solutions
Space 38 Spectrum Chemical
Space 66 SST Corporation/Fermion
Space 28 Syncom B.V.
Space 56 SynQuest/Central Glass Germany
Space 57 World Courier

Adesis [ company website ]

Adesis Inc., a Delaware-based company, offers a range of chemistry services for early-stage to the leading life sciences companies. We provide support for early proof-of-concept projects, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization, custom syntheses and process development. We also specialize in the chemistry of orthogonally functionalized azaheterocycles (pyridines, azaindoles, piperidines and pyrrolidines). We aim to create value for our clients.

Aesica Pharmaceuticals [ company website ]

Aesica Pharmaceuticals is an innovative and service driven supplier of APIs, finished dosage forms and custom synthesis solutions to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Aesica delivers products from the early-phase clinical development stage right through to commercial supply. Aesica also has the facilities for manufacturing high potency drugs and controlled substances.

Albemarle Corporation [ company website ]

Albemarle Corporation is a leading global developer, manufacturer, and marketer of highly-engineered specialty chemicals for consumer electronics, petroleum refining, utilities, packaging, construction, automotive/transportation, pharmaceuticals, crop protection, food-safety and custom chemistry services. The Company is committed to global sustainability and is advancing its eco-practices and solutions in its three business segments, Polymer Solutions, Catalysts and Fine Chemistry.

AllessaSyntec [ company website ]

The core business of the AllessaSyntec GmbH & Co. KG is the rapid scale-up of sophisticated chemical products from a laboratory process to industrial quantities and the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical non-GMP intermediates from 10's of kilograms up to 50 tons per year. AllessaSyntec developed a strong expertise in low-temperature reactions down to -100 °C for the synthesis of boronic acids and specialty aldehydes in vessels with a capacity of up to 1000 liters. Other core competencies are high pressure reactions like carbonylations, specialty hydrogenations, and air oxidations up to 200 bar in vessels with a volume of up to 1800 liters. You are welcome to visit us at booth 79 and to attend our Capability Presentation "Advance by Technology: High-Pressure and Low-Temperature Syntheses on Industrial Scale" on Tuesday, September 13 at 4:30 p.m. in Track room A! For arranging a meeting during the conference, please contact by e-mail: RAmitrano@RAAAssociates.com

Alphora Research [ company website ]

Alphora Research Inc. provides API technology development services for the scale up of complex small molecules with pharmaceutical applications. Alphora's services include process development, analytical development and validation, stability testing and cGMP synthesis. Alphora's 40,000 sq.ft. facility includes cGMP Kilo Labs and Pilot Plant operations and supporting organic and analytical laboratories.

AMRI [ company website ]

AMRI is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to provide a competitive advantage to a diverse group of customers. Our reputation of providing the highest quality service and a variety of pricing options provides more companies with the security of sourcing discovery, development, small and large scale manufacturing projects throughout our global network of research and manufacturing facilities.

Apeloa Kangyu [ company website ]

Apeloa Kangyu is a reputed pharmaceutical company in China, engaging in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of APIs, key intermediates and formulations. It also has outstanding resources and rich experience for customer services. Apeloa Kangyu owns two GMP certified and US FDA approved facilities, and has passed OHSAS18001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications. Its major APIs include Amantadine Series, Ofloxacin, Levofloxacin, Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, Colistin Sulfate, Tylosin, etc.

Archimica [ company website ]

Archimica is a privately held pharmaceutical fine chemical company with 550 employees at six facilities in the US and Western Europe. The company has an excellent track record of regulatory compliance. Archimica has a long and successful history of commercialization of a wide range of technologies, including: enzymatic, organometallic, heterocyclic, nucleoside, asymmetric synthesis, hydrogenations and hazardous chemistries. Special technologies include bulk sterile production via aseptic filtration and production of DEA controlled substances.

Atlanchim Pharma [ company website ]

AtlanChim Pharma services the companies from pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnological and agrochemicals industries. We provide a wide range of services:
  • Research collaboration: Consultancy, bibliographical studies, elaboration of synthesis schemes, improvement in synthesis routes, custom solutions, FTE
  • Custom-made fine chemicals : Enantioselective synthesis, nitrogen, sulphur heterocycles synthesis, aminoacids, nucleic acids, steroids, alkaloid synthesis
    • Reproduction in accordance with your internal documents
    • Reproduction in accordance with publications and patents
  • Site-specific stable isotope labelling : It consists in the selective introduction of one or several stable isotopes 13C, D, 15N in all types of organic structure.
  • Biological validation of synthetized molecules : In vitro screening, in vivo pharmacological evaluation
  • Adaptability to specifications

Avra Laboratories [ company website ]

Avra Laboratories is a Hyderabad (India) based contract research and manufacturing (CRAMS) company that caters to the synthetic and manufacturing needs of pharmaceutical companies. The company offers services for multi-kilo and pilot plant scale synthesis (cGMP & non GMP) and also has a contained high potency facility for oncology products.


BoroPharm Inc. was formed to develop & market chemical building blocks to organizations who utilize boron containing intermediates to produce marketable products with unique and functional characteristics.BoroPharm offers customers access to an existing library of heteroaromatic boronic esters and offers custom synthesis solutions for clients seeking novel boron containing compounds.

C&EN [ company website ]

C&EN is the largest weekly newsmagazine serving the chemical and life sciences industry for over 85 years. Each week, C&EN reports on the latest business and science news of interest to more than 161,000 readers representing executive managers, scientists, and those involved in R&D in the top labs in the U.S. and around the world. C&EN is the global advertising leader and publishes more than 40 special reports on pharmaceutical outsourcing, biopharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical partnering to name a few. C&EN offers companies electronic advertising opportunities including co-branded Webinars, contextual & interstitial advertising, and high visibility online advertising

Cambridge Major Laboratories [ company website ]

Cambridge Major Laboratories is a leading global chemistry outsourcing partner to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, producing pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The Company has experienced explosive growth the past decade, and boasts a long, successful FDA inspection history. CML operates from three facilities in the US and Europe.

Charnwood Molecular [ company website ]

Charnwood Molecular is a leading provider of synthetic chemistry services. Founded in 1998 and based in the UK, the company provides external synthetic chemistry support for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical and fine chemicals industries. The company offers custom synthesis and contract research services, undertaking projects tailored to the specific requirements of the client, delivered by experienced postdoctoral chemists working in fully equipped modern laboratories.

Charnwood Molecular’s portfolio of services is wide, and includes support for drug discovery research (library design, modelling, synthesis and optimisation), preparing key intermediates and multi gram scale-up. Collective chemistry experience is wide-ranging, but particular expertise exists in heterocyclic chemistry, medicinal chemistry; asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, and polymer supported organic synthesis.

Chemical Transfer Partnership [ company website ]

Chemical Transfer Partnership (CTP) is the distributor of Chemical Processing equipment manufactured by Buchi AG for the Pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries in the US and Canada. We can supply a full range of equipment from small laboratory scale, up to pilot plant. The Buchi equipment can be easily configured for any process. We can offer many custom designs without sacrificing quality for delivery. We also are the proud representatives of Huber AG and Genser Rotary Evaporators.

Chemistry Research Solution [ company website ]

The Chemistry Research Solution is a contract research organization located in Bristol, PA, geared towards providing exceptional chemistry services to pharmaceutical, and biotech companies as well as government and academic research institutes. The mission of TCRS is to assist its clients in their product development programs by utilizing the expertise of its highly trained staff in the areas of complex organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and process development to successfully meet their goals. The staff of TCRS is comprised of chemists coming from major pharmaceutical companies and their broad knowledge of the industry has been, and continues to be, of great value to those members of the chemical research community who have used our services. Please visit us at Booth # 30.

Chemistry Today [ company website ]

Fine chemicals, pharma chemistry, biotechnology: these are the main topics of Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today specially addressed to a readership belonging to the industrial field. Funded in 1983 and considered one of the most credited journals in its sector, it boasts an ever increasing circulation worldwide, thanks to its highly scientific articles suitable for industrial applications. Chimica Oggi/Chemistry Today is essential to those who are looking for updated, accurate, reliable information; specially for those making the word “innovation” the keyword to their own mission.

Every issue includes one or more monographic inserts entirely devoted to one specific subject. These inserts are being more and more appreciated by our readers as they can find in their pages a precious help to their constant commitment to the research and development field.

Chemsowed [ company website ]

Chemoswed is your ideal partner in producing APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). From initial inquiry to lab synthesis, scale-up and commercial production, Chemoswed offers pharmaceutical manufacturers the tools to bring safe and effective products to market, all with high confidentiality and scientific excellence.

Chemoswed's cGMP approved and FDA inspected facilities offer all the analytical and production capabilities you need for APIs, including:

  • Lab/Kilolab/Pilot/Production scale facilities
  • Process and analytical development
  • High potent/oncology containment capabilities
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Reliable, efficient and on-time

Chiral Technologies, Inc. [ company website ]

Chiral Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is the market leader in the area of enantioselective chromatography. Together with Daicel Chemical Industries, we support all stages of the single-enantiomer drug development process from preclinical studies to commercial drug development. We offer a full range of chiral HPLC and SFC chromatography columns for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative separations. To accelerate drug development efforts, we provide the enantioselective resolution of quantities ranging from 200 milligrams to 200 kilograms of chiral compounds, under cGMP if required. We also provide process development and pilot studies for the manufacture of chiral intermediates of approved drugs.

CiVentiChem [ company website ]

CiVentiChem, established in 1994, is a world-class contract research organization offering R&D services in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and in Hyderabad, India. You can choose to have the chemistry performed in RTP or in India. RTP projects can usually be completed more rapidly. If your choice is India, you will be working with a USA company while taking advantage of the considerable economic benefits of working in India. We have established successful relationships with many pharmaceutical, biotech and virtual companies by providing the following services:
  • Medicinal chemistry and lead optimization
  • Synthesis of NMEs, intermediates, reference standards, analogs and metabolites
  • Custom synthesis and contract R&D services
  • Process development and scale-up synthesis
  • Contract manufacturing
  • FTE's – USA & India

Columbia Analytical Services [ company website ]

Columbia Analytical is a registered contract testing laboratory providing cGMP compliant testing to the pharmaceutical industries’ raw material suppliers, CMOs, and product developers/sponsors. To ensure regulatory compliance, Columbia Analytical is FDA inspected and maintains a comprehensive Quality Unit that ensures all data is scientifically sound and accurately documented.

Corning Reactor Technologies [ company website ]

Corning Reactor Technologies offers industrial chemical processing equipment through its innovative, high-throughput, easily scalable Advanced-Flow™ reactors. Corning’s reactor equipment is specially designed for seamless transition from lab feasibility, to process development, on to industrial-scale production for the Pharmaceutical, Fine and Specialty Chemical industries. Corning Incorporated is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, with more than 150 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, and a distinctive, collaborative culture.

Covenance [ company website ]

Onyx Covenance is your ideal partner for supporting medicinal chemistry to commercial scale programs. Onyx is based out of Sunderland, UK and specializes in quick turnaround, complex chemistry projects from lead optimization to Phase II while Covenance has FDA/MHRA assets in India to support Phase I to commercial. Onyx was acquired by Ipca, the parent company of Covenance, on Aug 8 2011. Customers now stand to benefit from obtaining a full suite of services from one vendor, with the optimal combination of speed, delivery on time, quality assurance and cost competitiveness.

CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH [ company website ]

CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH is an established European Chemical and Pharmaceutical Producer and member of the Swiss CPH chemie+papier holding ag. Uetikon offers an extensive expertise to its pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners including:
  • Custom Synthesis of advanced intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Production of Generic APIs and Orphan Drugs
  • Manufacture of various key intermediates and specialty chemicals

Today, we have built a solid track record, by offering a high level of quality compliance in accordance to cGMP including a 20 year history of successful FDA inspections and state-of-the-art production facilities.

DavosPharma [ company website ]

We provide custom chemistry (novel raw materials, GMP intermediates, regulatory starting materials & APIs) and custom dosage forms (parenterals and orals), with supporting development, analytics, stability and regulatory documentation. We have successfully leveraged thirty-seven years of custom manufacturing experience, forming global strategic alliances with well-vetted, cGMP custom manufacturers in the EU, North America and Asia. Our expertise enables us to match your particular need with the supplier best able to deliver your project. Davos shares your risk by billing for deliverables, not best efforts, providing an additional level of assurance and oversight between you and the supplier.

Delmar Chemicals, Inc. [ company website ]

Delmar specializes in process development and custom cGMP synthesis of APIs and advanced intermediates. Delmar has well-equipped Process R&D and Analytical R&D laboratories, a cGMP pilot plant and a cGMP commercial-scale production facility. In addition, Delmar offers a full range of custom development and manufacturing services including process development and validation, analytical method development and validation, ICH stability studies and comprehensive regulatory support including the preparation of CMC sections and Drug Master Files.

Digital Specialty Chemicals [ company website ]

Digital Specialty Chemicals is a private fine-chemical manufacturer, specializing in organophosphorus and organometallic chemistry. Since 1987, we have supplied custom and stock chemicals to pharmaceutical, semiconductor and specialty chemical markets worldwide.

DIVERCHIM [ company website ]

DIVERCHIM is a privately owned company engaged in innovative chemistry based drug (and materials) discovery and development. We offer a broad range of integrated organic chemistry R&D capabilities and our proprietary technologies to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, and cosmetic companies.

DIVERCHIM is committed to carrying out the customer's confidential contract research on a fee for service basis without downstream royalty payments. We assure complete confidentiality and technology transfer in the case of exclusive methodology development. Since January 2000, Diverchim has conducted R&D projects in collaboration with more than 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the EC. Our Strengths include the highest scientific and quality standards, strong emphasis on customer service, excellent scientific staff and technology capabilities.

Dr Reddy’s [ company website ]

At Dr. Reddy’s CPS Business, we live up to our core purpose of “providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives” by providing end to end services - both developmental and manufacturing - to innovators worldwide. Capitalizing on our repertoire of niche technology platforms as well as our extensive corporate assets, we ensure that your pharmaceutical and life-cycle management needs are taken care of. We understand the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry today, and we offer you a lifeline.

DSM [ company website ]

DSM Pharma Chemicals is a global provider of custom manufacturing services, including advanced intermediates, registered materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our technologies include biocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, fermentation and chiral technologies. We support a spectrum of customers including emerging and large pharmaceutical companies from clinical to commercial manufacturing.

Evonik [ company website ]

Evonik’s Exclusive Synthesis & Amino Acids Business Line focuses on the customized production of pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API'S) and high potency API's, amino acids, and high-quality derivatives. The global production and research network of the business line offers a seamless service portfolio, ranging from the development of synthesis on the laboratory scale to commercial production in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-certified facilities.

Evotec [ company website ]

Evotec is a leader in the discovery and development of novel small molecule drugs. The Company has built substantial drug discovery expertise and an industrialized platform that can drive new innovative small molecule compounds into the clinic. In addition, Evotec has built a deep internal knowledge base in the treatment of diseases related to neuroscience, pain, and inflammation. Leveraging these skills and expertise the Company intends to develop best-in-class differentiated therapeutics and deliver superior science-driven discovery alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Evotec has long-term discovery alliances with partners including Boehringer Ingelheim, CHDI, Novartis, Ono Pharmaceutical and Roche. The Company has a P2X 7 antagonist for the treatment of inflammatory diseases in clinical development and a series of preclinical compounds and development partnerships, including a strategic alliance with Roche for EVT 101, a subtype selective NMDA receptor antagonist for use in treatment-resistant depression.

EXCELLA GmbH [ company website ]

Excella GmbH, Germany, is part of the FAREVA group as a leading site in pharmaceutical services. Excella, former Heumann PCS, is located in Bavaria, ca. 100 miles north of Munich at the city border of Nürnberg. Since 20 years Excella is operating in third party business and became a world wide leading expert in handling High Potent molecules as API and for solid dosage forms. State of the art production units in both segments guarantee a safety standard to handle OEL 5 substances. Excella performed to preferred supply status for many prominent global players in the key markets like US, EU and Japan.

exim-indis inc [ company website ]

We are a Texas-based raw material supplier for the life science industry, specializing in pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs with offices and warehouses in Belgium, India, and China. Our specialties are biotech, food/feed, industrial chemicals, etc. Parent company is GMP and ISO certified; our Houston office is FDA certified.

FAREVA [ company website ]

FAREVA is among the European leaders in contract manufacturing and services for the Pharmaceutical industry in formulation products and API. In this field we offer a large scope of technologies for API and formulations (ophthalmic sterile liquids, sterile ointments, creams and gels, aerosols, solid forms including under high containment environment, injectables, semi liquid and liquid forms, suspensions, syrups, gels, food supplements). FAREVA API manufactures in two FDA approved sites and can provide excellent process development and niche specialities like steroid chemistry, aseptic processing and high containment operations. Fareva API operates in France under the name of Valedpharm (former Pharmacia & Upjohn / Pfizer) and in Germany

Farmhispania [ company website ]

Farmhispania develops and manufactures under cGMP APIs / HAPIs for both oral and injectable formulations. Between other therapeutic areas, Farmhispania has core expertise in ACE inhibitors and Neuromuscular blocking agents. Farmhispania supports Brand sector under strict confidentiality and on exclusive basis.

Ferro Corporation [ company website ]

Ferro Pfanstiehl Laboratories, Inc. is based in Waukegan, Illinois and manufactures commercial quantities of specialty and blocked sugars,high-purity low-endotoxin carbohydrates, pharmaceutical intermediates, and high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients under current good manufacturing (cGMP) conditions and has more than 20 active US and international Drug Master Files.

Fuji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. [ company website ]

Fuji Chemical Industry is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer with cGMP facilities for production of API, spray drying and finished dosage forms. We have particular expertise in spray drying which can be used to improve API properties and develop amorphous solid dispersions for increased drug solubility and bioavailability. We have world-class capabilities developed over decades of experience and offer customized services to support projects from early-stage development through commercial production, including custom formulation services.

Gateway Analytical [ company website ]

Gateway Analytical provides cGMP-compliant analytical testing and consulting services for many industries. Rely on our 15 years of expertise product and process development, non-conformance and failure investigations, and foreign particulate identification. For high-quality results and scientific expertise, utilize Gateway Analytical as an extension of your lab.

Gelest, Inc.

Gelest Inc. is recognized world-wide as a leader and innovator in materials science and technology. Gelest manufactures and provides organosilicon and metal-organic compounds serving advanced technology markets though a customer driven approach. Please visit www.gelest.com for more information.

GVK BIO [ company website ]

GVK Biosciences is one of India's premier contract research organizations, providing an integrated platform of research services across the pharmaceutical research & development value chain to a growing number of global pharma and biotech companies. GVK BIO combines science, innovation and resources to help clients address their drug discovery and development challenges in the areas of Medicinal & Process Chemistry, Biology, Informatics, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Research and KPO. The company aims to become a preferred partner of choice for collaborative research projects.

Helsinn [ company website ]

Helsinn Chemical Operations develop and manufacture APIs, cGMP Advanced Intermediates and High Potency Active Ingredients (HPAIs) for third parties from early phases to commercial supply on an exclusive basis. The production plants are located in Switzerland and Ireland, with the Swiss plants successfully inspected by the FDA (with no 483 observations). Scale is from few hundreds of grams (HPAIs), up to tens of tons for APIs in plants fully dedicated to cGMP manufacturing.  Long-term experience in management of the CMC part and full regulatory support is available for our partners. Helsinn’s expertise along with our reputation with the Authorities will speed-up the registration of our partner’s NCE.

Hengdian Group [ company website ]

Hengdian Group was established in 1975 and is now a multinational company and one of the largest privately owned companies in China. The Pharmaceutical and Chemical division has three factories and over 3500 employees, with 2 of them having passed an FDA audit. Our products include intermediates, API’s as well as other speciality chemicals. We have worked with many multinational companies in contract manufacturing for over 10 years. We aim to be efficient, flexible, and fast, offering the best service and quality to our customers.

Hovione [ company website ]

Hovione is a world-class company dedicated to the cGMP development and manufacture of APIs both as a CMO and API supplier. With FDA inspected plants in Europe, Asia and New Jersey, USA, HOVIONE is committed to superior customer service, quality and regulatory support. Our capabilities include process chemistry, analytical development, worldwide regulatory affairs, particle design and kilo to multi - ton manufacture of APIs under FDA and ICH cGMP standards. We offer APIs for all drug delivery systems, from oral to injectable and from inhalation to topical applications.With a 50 year track record in API development, our ability to provide customers with timely and reliable solutions that are dependable and economical has given us a worldwide reputation for quality products, superior customer service and regulatory compliance.

Hybio [ company website ]

Hybio is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of diverse peptide products. Founded in 1998, after over decades of effort, we have grown to be one of the largest and most professional peptide pharmaceutical company in China. We were one of the first to enter the peptide pharmaceutical industry in China, and we are the only one that has a full range of peptide products and services, including peptide finished dosage products, peptide API products, and peptide CRO&CMO services. Our peptide finished dosage is mainly sold in the domestic market, but some of our peptide APIs have been supplied to customers all over the world. Hybio is a GMP-approved pharmaceutical company. Our GMP plant in Shenzhen is a facility occupying an area of more than 1,5000 sq.m. It has been often audited and inspected by local/national s-FDA authorities and by clients all over the world.

IRIX Pharmaceuticals [ company website ]

IRIX Pharmaceuticals is a recognized CRO/CMO specializing in Small Molecule APIs and Advanced Intermediates. IRIX has the expertise and experience to solve very complex chemistry challenges while meeting aggressive clinical delivery timelines. IRIX has High Containment, High Pressure, Cryogenic, Beta-Lactam and Controlled Substances capabilities. We have two US facilities both of which have been successfully inspected by the FDA along with additional laboratory facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia.

ISOCHEM [ company website ]

ISOCHEM manufactures products and offers services that meet the most recent and stringent regulatory standards of the Pharmaceutical industry. We implement complex reactions and technologies, while mastering the risk to produce the highest quality products in full compliance with EHS and International Standards of Quality.

iThemba Pharmaceuticals [ company website ]

iThemba Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is a state-of-the-art research facility located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Within a short time, it has become the country’s premier chemistry service provider through its core competence in synthetic organic, natural product and medicinal chemistry. It is already providing a number of international clients with key intermediates for their drug discovery/development programmes, and has quickly established a track record for solving complex synthetic and medicinal chemistry problems within the project deadlines and for reproducing synthetic routes based on client technology within its own laboratories.
iThemba is supported by a renowned, hands on, international scientific advisory board, the South African government, an excellent IT and communications infrastructure and strong intellectual property laws in South Africa. It can offer world class chemistry solutions through either FTE or fee for service based models. Our rates are internationally competitive whilst maintaining the same level of productivity and information security.
iThemba has active discovery projects addressing neglected diseases of the region (TB, HIV and Malaria) and all profits generated through the service business are reinvested into research.

J-Star Research [ company website ]

J-STAR Research, J-STAR, based in South Plainfield, NJ is capable of tackling some of the most challenging chemistry problems in the industry including developing optimal synthetic routes, process research, scale up, synthesis of metabolites and impurities, developing novel synthetic strategies and cGMP manufacturing. The company was founded by a Dr. Andrew Thomson from Merck over ten years ago.

Johnson Matthey [ company website ]

Johnson Matthey Pharma Services (JMPS) provides development and manufacturing services for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).  Located ~35 miles west of the Boston/Cambridge area, our recently built facility (2001) offers a design that incorporates both kilo-labs and pilot plant with expansion opportunity.  Services provided at JMPS are crucial for development and manufacturing needs of new chemical entities (NCEs) bound for clinical trials and market-approval (commercial use).  Strong cGMP and regulatory compliance underscores our services for custom synthesis, process development, scale-up, optimization, validation, and medicinal chemistry.  Beyond traditional chemistry services, we can provide solutions for complex molecules by leveraging technologies within our site and the Johnson Matthey group.  These technologies include separation technologies (SMB, chiral separations, prep HPLC, diafiltration, etc.), asymmetric/chiral development and analytical technologies, and catalysts (process).  Our services are retained for a variety of compounds including small molecules, natural products (extraction), controlled drug substances, and highly potent active ingredients (HPAI). We are able to offer a wide range of manufacturing scale from grams to hundreds of kilograms. To round out these services, our regulatory department has an impeccable track record with FDA compliance audits, and provides CMC, IND, and NDA support to our client’s regulatory filings.

Kalexsyn [ company website ]

Kalexsyn provides clients with proven, experienced medicinal chemists: IP-enabling SAR, custom synthesis, stable label synthesis, early API scale-up and process improvement. Full analytical capabilities onsite. We deliver:
  • Real medicinal chemistry: Medchem experience built from years of experiential practice.
  • Problem solving: Able to problem solve tough synthetic challenges in conjunction with clients. You can ask them.
  • Communication: Information provided in an agreed upon format, on time every time. Our international client base from Osaka to Vienna is reflective of our successful communication skills.

LAUDA-Brinkmann [ company website ]

LAUDA-Brinkmann, located in Delran, NJ, is the largest of LAUDA’s six global subsidiaries. Headquartered in Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany, LAUDA is the leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and analytical measuring devices including water baths, thermostats, circulation chillers, industrial heating & cooling systems and process viscosity instruments. Our products provide precise, dependable temperature control from -100 oC to 400 oC with up to 200kW of cooling capacity.

Lonza [ company website ]

Lonza offers the life sciences market a full range of products, flexible development services and high-quality manufacturing for functional and active ingredients. For 30 years Lonza Custom Manufacturing has been helping emerging and established companies increase product quality, improve production processes, navigate the development and regulatory process, lower the cost of goods, get to market faster, and focus on their core competencies. From lead optimization and early development through launch to commercial leadership and mature market supply, our complete development services, industry-leading manufacturing processes, broad technology platform and lifecycle management experience can help take your product to the next level. For flexible, high-quality contract manufacturing, development services and products, we can help. Together … turning promising discoveries into viable products.

Mercachem [ company website ]

Mercachem is a privately owned leading European contract research organization offering innovative exploratory chemistry, medicinal chemistry and process R&D services to accelerate the drug discovery and development process in a flexible and cost-effective way. Mercachem was founded in 1997, occupies 3,500 m2 state-of-the-art research facilities in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and employs more than 100 chemists. Working for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world, Mercachem is recognized for its high-quality products and services and its unprecedented problem solving capabilities.

    Exploratory chemistry
  • Development of novel chemistry methodology
  • Single compound synthesis (reference compounds, impurities, metabolites etc.)
  • Parallel synthesis of small focused libraries

Medicinal chemistry

  • Design and synthesis of druglike molecules
  • Hit, hit-to-lead and lead optimization
  • Structure-guided lead generation

Process Research

  • Route scouting
  • Catalyst screening
  • Reaction and process optimization
  • Material supply (~ 1 kg)

MP Biomedicals [ company website ]

MP Biomedicals is a worldwide corporation with ISO-certified and FDA-approved manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the world. The company manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of Life Science, Fine Chemical and Diagnostic products. MP Biomedicals is dedicated to providing innovative, quality tools and superior service to aid researchers in their quest for groundbreaking discovery.

Navin Fluorine International Ltd. (NFIL, >40 years, >US$98M, public company in India) has extensive expertise in specialty fluorine chemistry and fluorination services. NFIL invested to grow our offerings with a state-of-the-art R&D center (2008 and Dec 2010), pilot plant (2009), new multi-product plant (July 2010), cGMP pilot plant (Feb 2011), and full cGMP production facility (late 2011). NFIL launched its Contract Research division for full CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Service) support. We can synthesize individual compounds, libraries, or scaffolds, and also efficiently develop processes from lab, to pilot, to commercial. FluorosimilarsT services offer fluorine analogs of desired targets. NFIL provides custom synthesis and toll manufacturing from mg/g to full multi-ton commercial scales (plus commercial fluorination reagents, intermediates, etc.) via almost all fluorination methods including HF, Halex, electrochemistry, and even a proprietary alternative to DAST, just to name a few. For more information contact Jeffery S. Hinkle, Ph.D., MBA, Global Head of Business Development, 732-377-3362, Cell: 908-304-3562, or jeffery.hinkle@nfil.in.

Niels Clauson-Kaas [ company website ]

Our main business activities consist of laboratory through pilot plant syntheses of new molecular entities or developing new or modified production processes, as well as analytical services including development and validation of analytical methods and stability studies according to ICH guidelines.

An important part of this activity consists of developing laboratory procedures which are technically feasible, safe and environmentally acceptable. Many of the products, which Niels Clauson-Kaas A/S develop, are advanced stage intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for pre-clinical or clinical trials produced in compliance with cGMPs.

PCAS-Nanosyn [ company website ]

PCAS and Nanosyn are pleased to introduce their joint venture, PCAS-Nanosyn LLC. The JV is designed to bridge the capabilities of the two parent companies to offer our customers a seamless transition for custom chemical services from discovery chemistry at Nanosyn through to commercial scale API and fine chemical production at PCAS. The primary site of the JV is the cGMP kilolab asset and staff, formerly known as Seres Laboratories, and its 30 year experience base as a FDA registered site. With six, separate cGMP suites, including two, certified Class 10,000 clean rooms, the PCAS-Nanosyn site combines small company personal service and flexibility with large company derived expertise for process identification, development, scale-up, and manufacture under cGMP protocols. Please stop by our booth and share our excitement in this new venture, and visit our websites for more information at www.pcas-nanosyn.com; www.pcas.fr.com; and www.nanosyn.com.

PharmaAdvance, Inc. [ company website ]

PharmaAdvance, Inc. is a China based pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the areas of chemistry and pharmacology. Found in 2006 in Wuxi, China, PharmaAdvance has provided services for more than 40 US and EU companies and institutions. Our chemistry services range from custom synthesis to scale up, contract research for drug discovery and chemical process R&D. Our pharmacology services focus on in vivo disease animal models, isolated organ and tissue functional assays in Analgesia, Behavioral, and Cardiovascular therapeutic areas. PharmaAdvance’s 40,000 sq ft state of the art facility includes chemistry laboratories, Kilo Labs, SPF animal facility, and biology center.

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing [ company website ]

Pharmaceutical Outsourcing is a bi-monthly the journal dedicated to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical contract services. With regular sections on clinical trials, contract research, preclinical development, , formulation/development services, contract analytical testing, APIs, stability testing, clinical research and contract manufacturing., we bring the most complete coverage of trends and issues in the industry. Our magazine is 100% direct request and has the highest percentage of "one-year" qualified subscribers in the industry. Our editorial is written only by pharma, biotech, non-profit organization and the FDA to insure that all articles are without bias and non-promotional.

PharmaCore, Inc. [ company website ]

Since 2000, PharmaCore® has performed a variety of chemistry services for leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including: custom organic synthesis; cGMP scale-up; development of novel molecular building blocks; chemical process research and development; and medicinal chemistry services.  Our success is due to our competitive pricing, our unwavering commitment to customer service and to the talent and experience of our scientists, most of whom hold doctorates in organic chemistry.

PharmaZell [ company website ]

PharmaZell offers to its clients standard and custom made APIs and intermediates as well as all chemical, pharmaceutical development services and regulatory activities required to bring a pharmaceutical product to the market. PharmaZell develops innovative processes for APIs and Intermediates through its R&D groups that cover all scales from laboratory to commercial production. Through the acquisition of GEA, PharmaZell provides fully vertically integrated development programmes from API to finished dosage form including regulatory documentation, procedures and strategies.

Piramal Healthcare [ company website ]

Pharma Solutions is the Contract Development and Manufacturing division of Piramal Healthcare (erstwhile known as Nicholas Piramal) Pharma Solutions is one of the very few Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) that can provide end-to-end support for bringing a drug to market or managing the life cycle of a launched drug. We offer Clinical Phase API synthesis and Formulations Development services and scale up to Commercial API and Finished Dosage form supply.

Ricerca Biosciences [ company website ]

Ricerca is the only North American CRO to offer the unique IP-INDSM concept to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The site encompasses all discovery and development services required to bring a target or drug candidate to a complete IND submission. The ability to perform both chemistry (medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, cGMP API kilo-lab and pilot plant production, complete analytical) and biology (DMPK, ADME, full toxicology, safety pharmacology, animal efficacy models, bioanalytical) as well as report writing and regulatory services at one site makes Ricerca the provider of choice for virtual, small, and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies seeking a successful IND submission.

Rohnerchem [ company website ]

RohnerChem is a Swiss custom manufacturer specializing in organic syntheses of complex molecules. Our core technologies include transition metal catalysis, high-pressure hydrogenations, carbonylations, low-temperature reactions, hydrazine handling and polymerisations. Custom manufacturing with RohnerChem means technology transfer, process optimization, scale-up, piloting and large-scale production of your intermediate or active based on a broad tool box of capabilities and technologies. All laboratory and large scale manufacturing is carried out according to ISO up to cGMP standards. For additional information, please visit our website at http://www.rohnerchem.com or contact us by e-mail: info@rohnerchem.com .

Saltigo [ company website ]

Saltigo offers you a comprehensive set of services ranging from route selection, synthesis and process development, full analytical services, manufacturing at small scale under CGMP and ISO, regulatory expertise/support, and professional project management.

Scynexis [ company website ]

SCYNEXIS delivers integrated, efficient and innovative drug discovery and development solutions to our global health and pharmaceutical partners. Our record of success is exemplified by the delivery of 11 pre-clinical drug candidates over the last five years. Milestone payments have resulted as these compounds progressed through development at our partners. Our fully-integrated contract research solutions include medicinal chemistry, advanced biological screening, in vitro pharmacology and ADMET, DMPK, bioanalytical and analytical chemistry, process chemistry, and cGMP manufacturing. The SCYNEXIS process chemistry department recently passed a general inspection and pre-approval inspection (PAI) by the FDA in support of a customer’s NDA. Our expertise is offered on a fee for service basis or may be conducted in a shared risk arrangement. SCYNEXIS’ teams are tailored to be especially effective in moving customer projects from concept to clinic, utilizing powerful proprietary technologies such as the HEOS® Data Management and Collaboration Software Suite and the MEDCHEM-FACTORY® High-Throughput Synthesis and Purification Platform. Founded in 2000, SCYNEXIS is located in Research Triangle Park, N.C. SCYNEXIS is registered with both the FDA and DEA.

Selcia Ltd. [ company website ]

Selcia Radiolabeling is a recognised international leader in C-14 custom radiosynthesis and Selcia Discovery specialises in integrated drug discovery, fragment screening and medicinal chemistry. With 80 highly qualified scientists Selcia operate from laboratories in Ongar, Essex, UK and Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA.


  • Integrated drug discovery
  • Fragment screening (proprietary CEfragTM Screen)
  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Hit generation and lead optimisation
  • Cell biology and screening


  • 14C Radiosynthesis
  • GMP Radiolabeled API for clinical trials
  • Compound storage, stock management, repurification
  • GLP certification and GLP NMR services
  • Synthesis of reference standards (process impurities, metabolites)
    (GMP and GLP certification by UK MHRA in 2010)

Sentinel Process Systems [ company website ]

KiloLabs.com division of Sentinel Process Systems, Inc. designs and builds systems for API Production, Kilo Labs, and Pilot Plants. Our equipment is used extensively for organic synthesis and scale up of pharmaceutical intermediates and potent compounds. We also proudly represent other specialty process equipment manufacturers like Aurora Filters who fabricate Contained Glove Box Filters, GL Filtration who manufacturers High Containment Filter Dryers and Steroglass who design Industrial Scale Rotary Evaporators. Our dedicated team of engineers will gladly assist you in selecting the ideal equipment and systems for your FDA/GMP facility. Sentinel - delivering quality and technology, it's our job.

Shanghai Chemspec Corporation [ company website ]

Shanghai Chemspec Corporation, a recent NYSE-listed Chinese company, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality specialty and fine chemicals. In particular, we are the largest manufacturer of fluorinated organic chemicals in China based on sales. With research and development expertise, we have been offering high quality manufacturing services for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and electronics industries. With headquarter in Shanghai and four manufacturing facilities in surrounding area; we are able to produce a broad range of chemicals scaling from kilograms to tens of metric tons to support all stages of pharmaceutical product life-cycle management with competitive pricing and environmentally-friendly operations.

Shasun Pharma Solutions [ company website ]

Shasun is the choice for a vertically integrated chemistry partner. Facilities in the UK and India offer services including innovative process research and development, rapid response small scale manufacturing for clinical trial supply and full scale commercial manufacturing of advanced intermediates and API\\''s as well as finished dosage. Our capabilities are available as single or multisite offerings in order to create flexible solutions that satisfy the development or commercial manufacturing challenges facing our customers. Chemistry and development expertise complement the manufacturing services, offering customers a single source for the supply solution they now seek. Early stage development services provide seamless technology transfer to facilitate crucial speed to market, and minimize potential risk in the transition to commercial scale manufacture.

Siegfried USA [ company website ]

Siegfried is a globally active, independent Swiss company. As a supplier and service provider for the worldwide pharmaceutical industry, we concentrate on the development and production of pharmaceutical drug substances and customer-manufactured finished drugs, and offer all related services. We focus on maintaining the highest level of competence, working together with our clients as partners. Our specific know-how in process development, chemical and pharmaceutical production, and managing complex outsourcing projects is used to contribute significantly to the success of our customers.

Solid Form Solutions [ company website ]

Solid Form Solutions is a world leading contract research organization (CRO) providing the pharmaceutical industry with polymorph, salt and co-crystallisation screening services. Our services also include crystallisation development, particle development as well as basic physical properties / developability characterisation. Our aim is to be flexible, understand our client’s solid form problems and recommend workable solutions. Whether our expertise is required to deliver a solid form screening program or tackle specific problems encountered during drug manufacture, Solid Form Solutions will provide an unrivalled service.

Spectrum Chemical [ company website ]

Spectrum Custom Synthesis, a Division of Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp., has more than 40 years of experience as an innovative chemistry outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers. We provide a full range of US-based contract research and manufacturing services, including the custom synthesis of new chemical entities (NCE’s) through the commercial cGMP manufacture of API’s, excipients, DEA Controlled Substances (Schedules II-V) and their chemical intermediates. Spectrum Custom Synthesis offers our customers a unique experience, combining the personalized service and responsiveness of a mid-size company with the resources, logistics, and technical depth of much larger companies.

Spectrum also manufactures and distributes over 15,000 chemical products, including API’s, excipients, biochemicals, dietary & nutritional supplements, cosmetic ingredients, analytical reagents, and chemical solutions. Visit us at SpectrumChemical.com and request a copy of our NEW 2012-2013 Spectrum Bulk Fine Chemicals Catalog, containing over 3,300 products available in production quantities, including 1,200+ monograph chemicals for food and drug use.

SST Corporation/Fermion [ company website ]

SST is a full-service pharmaceutical agency that represents world-class manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and fine chemicals and intermediates (FCIs). Our audited network of global suppliers provide gram to commercial-scale production of APIs and FCIs, as well as custom synthesis. We bring substantial added value to this service with in-depth regulatory and technical expertise and processing, supply-chain management and other services.

Syncom B.V. [ company website ]

Syncom is a privately owned company established in 1988. It has grown rapidly in recent years and currently employs 130 chemists 75 of whom have PhD degrees and the rest a masters degree or equivalent. About 95% of the work carried out is for the pharmaceutical industry and the other 5% is devoted to the synthesis of organic materials. The company is involved in Medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and synthetic support for chemical development and process research. The major focus is on synthesis for discovery chemistry support. Syncom is located in the Groningen in The Netherlands. Our business is with big farma companies, medium sized and biotech companies form Europe and the US.

SynQuest/Central Glass Germany [ company website ]

SynQuest Laboratories and Central Glass Germany are wholly owned subsidiaries of Central Glass Company (Japan). SynQuest is a technology based manufacturer specializing in fluorine compounds. Services include custom synthesis, contract manufacturing, bulk intermediates. It also markets a research catalog containing a wide range of gases, aliphatic and aromatic fluorine compounds, including building blocks, chiral chemicals, mass spectrometry markers, etc.

World Courier [ company website ]

Since 1969, World Courier has become the largest and most experienced specialty courier with a network of over 140 company owned ISO 9001-certified offices operating in 50 countries worldwide. World Courier has set the benchmark for worldwide time-sensitive transportation and is the acknowledged leader in delivering customized solutions, cold chain and value-added services throughout the bio-pharmaceutical industry. World Courier provided door-to-door, customs-cleared service to more than 220 countries and territories. World Courier pioneers GxP compliant status worldwide as it applies to the courier/transport industry.