September 18-20, 2017
Ocean Place Resort, Long Branch, NJ

Pharmaceutical Company Buyer Free Rate

Please let me hear from you ASAP if you would like to attend the 2017 show for free!

Here is this year’s free registration attendee list as of April 15, 2017.

To apply for this rate please email with your name and company.

The Pharmaceutical Company Rate is FREE until April 28, 2017 and $495 thereafter. This rate is only for end-user "buyers" of chemistry services, buyers in other words, whose pharmaceutical companies are focused SOLELY on discovering, developing, and commercializing new therapeutics.

Register NOW to lock in the FREE rate. "Tentative" is fine and you can cancel anytime, no problem.

This low rate is especially for "buyers" whose pharmaceutical companies are focused SOLELY on discovering, developing, and commercializing new therapeutics and who source Raw Materials, Procurement, Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, Medicinal Chemistry, Formulation, Finished/Final Dose, Process R&D, Drug Substance, API Development, Intermediates, Innovator and Generic API's. Other related functions include Drug Discovery, Pre-Clinical Research, Supply Chain, CMC, Outsourcing, Chemical Development, Medicinal Chemistry, and External Partnerships. This list is not exhaustive. But you get the idea.

In addition... you will have opportunity to attend EXCLUSIVE buyer events:

Special Invitation Only Exclusive Customer/Buyer Events at ChemOutsourcing 2017. Meet Your Rx Peers from Other Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Mon Sept 18 - Discovery & Medical Chemistry Breakfast Location TBA 8am-10am
  • Tues Sept 19 - Chemical & API Development (CMC) & Commercial Manufacturing Breakfast Location TBA 8am-10am
  • Tues Sept 20 - All Pharma Buyers

*The breakfasts are for pharmaceutical company "customers" or "buyers" who have received complimentary show registration prior to Friday, Sept 16. This is an annual event that came about at the request of the innovator pharmaceutical company attendees. Your specially marked attendee badge is your admission ticket to the breakfasts. There is no "agenda" at the breakfasts, just the opportunity to meet your peers in private. Drop in whenever. Questions? Please let me know