Dec 6-7, 2021
Parsippany, NJ Hilton

Pharmaceutical Company Buyer Free Rate

Please let me hear from you ASAP if you would like to attend the 2021 show for free until October 30, 2020 and $325 thereafter. The free rate is unavailable on site.

To apply for this rate please email with your name and company.

Request your ticket now to lock in the free rate. Not sure you qualify? Ask anyway, there is no harm.

The Pharmaceutical or Chemical Buyer Rate is FREE until Sept 13, 2020 and unavailable thereafter. The free rate is unavailable on site. Please contact us to apply at

Not sure you can attend? Register NOW to lock in the FREE rate. "Tentative" is fine and you can cancel anytime, no problem.

This low rate is especially for "buyers" who source Raw Materials, Procurement, Pharmaceutical Development, Manufacturing, Medicinal Chemistry, Formulation, Analytic, QA, Drug Product, Finished/Final Dose, Process R&D, Drug Substance, API Development, Intermediates, Innovator and Generic API's. Other related functions include Drug Discovery, Pre-Clinical Research, Supply Chain, CMC, Outsourcing, Chemical Development, Medicinal Chemistry, and External Partnerships. This list is not exhaustive. But you get the idea.