September 18-20, 2017
Ocean Place Resort, Long Branch, NJ

Meet The Buyers

Speed Dating Participants: Anyone can participate in the speed dating functions on both Tues Sept 20 and Wed Sept 21 Each "meeting" is max 4 minutes and will take place at the Pharmaceutical Company Hosted Tables (see slide deck above). Take business cards. No time for presentations. This is a face-to-face event!

Preparation: To get the most out of the event please see the guidelines and protocol below.

Buyers: Just show up! You have provided the guidelines for services you may be looking for and which are posted on the Agenda of the ChemOutsourcing website. Suppliers will self-select based on these criteria so your visitors are well matched for suitability before they visit your table. Any questions?

Suppliers: Please see the agenda Tues Sept 20 and Wed Sept 21 at 2-3pm for the supplier profiles that each pharma customer is looking for. Select those that are consistent with your service offerings. Show up at the event at the appointed time and my staff will guide you. 4 minutes per visit. Take business cards and be prepared to talk. The goal is to quickly evaluate each other and make new contacts with whom you can follow up after the speed dating event itself. Questions?

2:00 - 3:00 Speed Dating Tues Sept 20 and Wed Sept 21 2-3pm

Pharmaceutical Co. Hosted Roundtables for 4 Minute Supplier Speed Meetings.

Participants, identify the companies that match your service offerings then just show up. No presentations, just business cards, and a 4 minute chat, then move to next company you want to meet.

Tues Sept 20 2-3pm

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Medicinal Chemistry/Discovery


Chemistry development services, clinical scale manufacture of custom raw materials, intermediates, API

Celgene Corporation Table #1

Medicinal Chemistry/Discovery

Celgene Corporation Table #2

Early Development

Merck Table #1

Discovery/Medicinal Chemistry

Merck Table #2

Process Research & Development

AbbVie, Inc.

Large volume GMP production with Containment

Small Volume, Highly Potent GMP production

API Solids Processing

Regulatory Starting Materials

Newron Pharmaceuticals

CRO/CMOs for API, Drug Product, Analytical and

Clinical Supply Chain Management. On API,

Small Molecules and Biologics

Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Medicinal Chemistry/Discovery, Support synthesis services- synthesis of small amounts of Heterocyclic compounds; project flexibility; TAT < 8 weeks


For Clinical Supply Manufacture: High Potent API Manufacturing, including milling Preparative Chromatography capability CMOs with both API and DP capability (one-stop shop)

Gilead Sciences

Commercial cGMP manufacturing, Bulk Contract Manufacturing

API, GMP intermediates, Raw Materials

High Potency APIs, Clinical phase Process development

High hazard chemistry, Fluorination

Neurocrine Biosciences

GMP, custom starting materials, small molecule APIs

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals

Rexahn is interested in API synthesis (both clinical and commercial scale), drug product manufacture (both clinical and commercial) and formulation services, including work to increase bio-availability.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

CMOs with both GMP and non-GMP capabilities. The CMO profiles: ISO intermediates, APIs, cGMP, FDA inspected, early phase process development, process validation, Phase 3/Commercial capability

Spero Therapeutics

Interested in Peptide manufacturing and fermentation development, peptide purification development, I.e. Resin screening, UF/RO, small molecule antibiotics chemical development, GMP manufacturing, Beta lactam API and oral tablet facility


Menaquinone-7, Napthoquinone derivatives Farnesol & isoprenoids (terpenes) Early development, cGMP toll manufacturing

Concert Pharmaceuticals

Early phase process development, including route scouting Later phase process development and scale-up; commercial GMP Starting Materials, Raw material procurement services Drug product: roller compaction and high shear wet granulation

Wed Sept 21 2-3pm

Lycera Corporation

API development, Phase 1/2

Process Development

Raw materials suppliers

Custom synthesis, cGMP API

Neurocrine Biosciences

GMP, custom starting materials, small molecule APIs

Melinta Therapeutics

API Development and Raw Materials

Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

Large scale API (GMP), fermentation, potent compounds, analytical, late phase development

Eli Lilly

API Crystallization Development and optimization

Chemometric Modeling

Late phase process optimization with data integrity

GMP High Potency API manufacture

Gilead Sciences

Fluorination process R&D, raws and intermediates, and small-molecule process R&D